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Gerstmann's Syndrome and Baliant's Syndrome

Anyone ever heard of these two neurological syndromes?  I stumbled upon them while researching some of my visual symptoms.  They are both related to damage in the parietal lobes  and I believe the occt lobbes I believe! Any way I have damage in both of these areas and I also have had and still do have some of the symptoms of these two syndromes.

For example, visuo-spacial problems, scanning deficits, visual disorientation, right-left confusion. They are kind of complicated to learn about, but from what I have read I think I may have enough symtoms of both of them to bring it up to my neuro.

Any information on this would help!

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Honestly -- No.  But I will read up on them tomorrow.  Never even heard of them...which is odd for me, the harbinger of so much useless (to me) information.

Be back tomorrow.

Feel well,

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I didn't really expect a lot of people to know about these syndromes, because I think they are kind of rare!  There are so many striking symptoms of both of them that describes the weird things that I suffer from after the attack. Like there is one called dressing agnosia that I think describes what happened to me at the first of the dysfunction. It is in short not being able to figure out how to put your clothes on. As wierd as this sounds, that is exactly what happened to me about one week into the attack. I couldn't tell up from down, inside from outside, it is hard to describe, but it was if I had no idea how to put on my clothing.

Another one that was pretty bad and that has not entirely gone away is the inability to distinguish left from right. It takes several min and a lot of concentration even now to know which way is which. And I didn't have this before the attack.

Another one is the inability to remember the basic rules for doing simple calculations, Math. I have had two years of college and very complicated math problems to solve. But now I struggle to help my 7 year old with basic addition and subtraction.

One more is visual disorentation and the inability to stay fixated on any one object without loosing my focus and a lot more of the things mentioned in the two syndromes. I do have lesions in the parietal and occit areas and I don't know what kind of test to ask for to see if this may be what is causing all of my visual disorientation and disfunction!

I appreciate you trying to help me with this, I have been reading about this for a while, but it is hard for someone not in the medical field to understand some of this information. It has been easier since I have been researching for two years now and have learned what a lot of the stuff means and how it all works, but still hard to learn!

Thanks Again,
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