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HI Gang

Remember me? How are all of you? I hope you are doing good.. Me, could be better. I'm recovering from pneumonia. I had a cold, it dropped into the lungs, started to have the MS hug from it, couldn't take a deep breathe, and you can get the picture.

LuLu noticed my status change LOL...but this has always been my DX all along. I was DX with PPMS at the beginning of last year. I didn't deal with it too well. You would think that a person that was in limboland as long as I was, would take some solitude in the fact that I had answers. I did, but my personality got in the way.

What most people don't realize is that I have always been the 1 that takes care of everyone. No one takes care of me. I'm the friend that listens to your problems, I very rarely discuss mine. When I decided to give it a try and seek family and friends out for help, advice, a shoulder to cry on, most were too busy, or my cries went unheard. Maybe I didn't scream loud enough.

To make a long story short, I almost died last year because I trusted the wrong people. I wanted someone to except me so much, that I didn't see what was even in front of me. I'm still recovering from the trauma from that. It hurts my soul knowing that there is people out there that don't care about another human being and I was so stupid to believe that they did care.

Anyways, I got my head back on straight (hopefully), dove into writing and singing songs, eliminated bad people in my life, and I'm still looking for some direction and road that this will lead me on. I've adopted 1 thing... I'm going to have fun and enjoy everyday and value myself.

I even posted some of my songs on youtube. This butterfly is coming out of her cocoon. Bout time :)

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When I was diagnosed with PPMS it was a year after I was diagnosed with MS and I took a real nose dive. I felt like I was going done a mountain on skis with no poles. I went into a great depression at diagnosis of MS and a second when diagnosed with PPMS.

4 years later I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. That is with an added diagnosis of a bad cancer. I am doing the best I can everyday and that is the best I can.

I am not depressed today. It can get better. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction.

I am riding horses, dancing, training dogs, and painting in acrylics.

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welcome back!

Hopefully things will improve for you!  When I finish wandering in and out of denial, I'd like to improve my situations but not there yet
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Hey Lady!

Sooooo nice to see you! Damn, you opened up your heart and got it taken no wonder you've held it so closely through the years. I can relate (to the taking care of ppl, and not expressing certain things). Find it to be easier that way sometimes.

But, enough of that. Congrats to you and your new space that has value, and song and well being. It's great to see you :) ((((hugs))))
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