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Happy Monday everyone!

Roll call - who's here these days and what are you doing this week?    

My week is a bit quieter - I have to come home from work on Tuesday to meet the delivery people with my new washer and dryer - unfortunately ours died over the weekend -  Ouch to the pocket!!

Friday, I see the podiatric surgeon - xrays to see how my foot is healing.  I think it will be looking good on the films.

Saturday, we leave on vacation with our son/DIL and grands for a good time in Florida, including time with the big rodent, Mickey.

So what's up with you?  anything new, different, or exciting on the calendar this week?
hugs to all,
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Goodmorning all!  Hoping things are a little more quiet this week.  My oldest son graduated from High School and excited for college in the Fall!  Yeah to us!  We did it!  Getting the pool finished up for Jordan.  He loves it!  He loves that he can move so much better in the pool.  Best gift from my parents ever.  Have Neuro appt today for Jordan.  Sometimes I wonder why.  But, he wants to talk to them about his memory and see if there is anything that can be done over the Summer.  See Urologist this week for his bladder that has decided to act up.  Just hope it's not getting permanently worse.  Other than that, I think back to normal around here (knock on wood!  Wait...hum...what is normal? LOL!)  Thanks for all the great questions and answers.  I really learn so much from all of you!  Great week to all!
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Good morning Lu,

Your end of week holiday in Florida sounds wonderful. I am very jello.

Hoping for another solid week of wellness here. I am booked to ride about 30klm this weekend in another bike event so I'd better get my behind into gear and start training again.

Work is going slowly but ok, family are well despite the flu season, and winter is nearly upon us.

Hoping everybody else is doing okay, especially dear Heating, ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC).

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By the way, any extra room in your bags for Jordan and I?  We would be really good and quiet!LOL!  Enjoy!
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Oh that vacation does sound good!
I'm  still on the road.... 2 more deer Dennis, but north of the mason/Dixon line and a tad cooler (yeah) after a night of rain, a fee more days and can rest, now they tell me the computer needs a new battery, sigh, lulu started something!

Have a good one evwryone
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Big Day tomorrow. Going to see my MS guru for a State of the Union visit. It's the first visit since my dx last October. An Ampyra discussion is on my list...

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Quiet week here too!  PT three times and I am OFF on Friday and Monday!!!!!
OF course have to work the weekend but hey two days off better than my usual 7 days a week!

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Well hello everyone!  I thought I would chime in. :) I just got my first job since dx and I love it!!!  Only have to work tues, wed and thurs this week!  I'm a lad tech for a market research company!  Its going to be a good week!!  

God Bless
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Woo hoo on the new job Diggie!

Lu - you best not have jinx'd any of us w/the washer and dryer. My blow dryer blew a gasket, and then my iron bit the dust this am! ugh Have fun in Disney!

Ku - Congrats to your Son, and hope the pool is a nice refreshing break for all :)

Jacks and Kyle - Wishing all a good week w/your appts.,

And, be safe on that road Sarah!

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Weekend - Memorial Day Weekend here in the states. And, I plan on enjoying every minute of it :)


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I hope  you have a great time on vacay with the family.  It sounds like fun to me.  Sorry about your washer and dryer...

A friend needed to move in with us unexpectedly, so I am moving stuff around and putting things in storage to make room for her. (Actually, my husband is doing all that stuff- I just tell him what stays and what goes.)  I also have a religious meeting tonight, and an appt with someone who does cognitive testing this afternoon.  Wednesday, someone will come to my house to see what type of electric wheelchair will fit in my home.

That's about it for me.
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Back again,  I mean my back hurts again.  
I see the neurosurgeon later today for lumbar problems. I'm sure they will want an MRI.

Take care
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I'll be having a stress test tomorrow.  Trying to stay relaxed about it but it's hard.  One I had two years ago didn't show any blockages or heart damage but threw me and my heart out of rhythm for quite some time.

Taking my husband for upper and lower GI scoping on Friday - and putting up with his grumbling until then about the clear liquid diet restriction required on Thursday.  (He really thinks he will WANT to eat something during that prep!  Ugh)

The dog has an appointment with her chiro/masseuse Saturday morning.  Wish I could find one as reasonably priced for myself.

With good stress test results, I could be back to work on the Memorial Day holiday schedule for the first time in ten weeks.  Yes!!  I so need to see a paycheck.

Best to you all on your adventures and challenges.
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Job interview on Wednesday morning! :) Hoping I get it b/c the stress of my current job is not good for me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

I've missed you all around here. :)
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Hi all :), this week I´m planing the rest of my trip to USA in Sept. I love going there, have been there many times work-related and to Orlando with my family (loved it!) that´s why I'm "jello" also like Alex, Lulu ;) so you have a great time there for us!

I was finally able to convince my husband to come to NY with me so I can show him around, going to visit Atlantic City, Lancaster and around there, but now I´m planing also to drive to Washington DC, just trying to figure out where we will stay. Don't wanna stay downtown, somewere around the city would be better (I like staying at Hampton Inn). Any advise from anyone about interesting things to do around there, that I might not know of?

And finally, I am going to see a new neuro June 6, so it is soon and I´m hoping she can help me. Trying to not have to high hopes. But peoble told me she is likely to be quick in trying to find out (if she can).

I´m thinking so much about Alex (HVAC) these days and sending her all the positive power I can.

Take care, all of you wonderful group of peoble!
My best,
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Let's see, today I saw my surgeon for my knee and took my 2 yr old son for a check up! Tomorrow I go to counselling, Wednesday is awards day at my daughters school, and Friday PT for my knee.  Never a quiet week around here!

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Well, it's a light work week for me, and some babysitting on Thursday.  

Today, I'm resting and recovering from a day spent at Maker Faire.  If you've never been to one, it's amazing!  We've been going for 3 years, now, but it's a long day of walking around (I used my cane).  I may rent a scooter next year.  It's definitely a gathering of the tribes in the arts, robotics, computer hacking, building worlds.  Creativity is fired up, here!  DH and I dress up in full Steampunk regalia, and we're not alone!

Have a good week, everybody!

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Glad to have a light week as my energy level isn't up to snuff yet. It always seems the last thing to recover for some reason. Have to go washer and dryer shopping since ours broke again, finish up the gardening and get to weeding, and get the house cleaned up for my folks who might swing by for a quick visit this weekend. So, busy, but not at the same time. May have to squeeze in an upper GI study this week as well.
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Wow!  Everyone's having a busy week, vacations, washers n dryers, swimming pools, job interviews, new jobs, new people moving in, a fun sounding Maker Faire, surgeon visits, counseling, PT, Mary's heart stress test, etc.

My week sounds rather boring compared to yours. I guess boring can be good too though.

I had two ocular migraines yestr
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Ugh. I accidentally hit the post button before I was done typing...

I had two ocular migraines and a regular migraine yesterday. First time I had two visual episodes in one day. My visions seems a bit blurry today

My doctor didn't call me yet with the LP results that I think are normal. Looks like they are still getting stuff back. Idk. Hopefully tomorrow.

So, that's about it for me. Just waiting and mowed the lawn today. My lower back still hurts a little from the procedure.

I love chatting with all of you. I hope you don't mind if I continue to chat even if I stay in limbo for a long time.

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Big week for me...have a second midterm tomorrow and then headed back home to my grandfathers funeral Thursday A.M. Learning to use medication to help with the stress and sadness. Hope everyone elses week is going great!
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Hey just checking in from Belgium to say hi!  having a fantastic time with my hubby exploring some cities new to us.  We head to Amsterdam on Thurs and Bruges after that.  Keeping up quite well, jet leg was only brutal for the first day.  Hope everyone is having a good week.  Back in Canada in early June.
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Tomorrow (Wed.) I have an appointment at the VA about my getting a Bioness / Walkaid foot drop system. Or will it be just another waste of my time again? I'm sure tomorrow night you will find out with my post one way or another. :)

The new loser dose of Lyrica arrived today so That I can start on it once more. But I will wait until after tomorrow so that my driving doesn't get messed up.

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Send back chocolate from Belgium!!!!!!!!!!  Glad you are having a great time!
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