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Has anyone here beed to DUKE?

I'm headed to Duke next week . I have bleeding from veins in my brain, and MS. I will be going to the Clinic IL Neuroscience Center. Dr Skeen. Has anyone here been to or know of anyone who has? Any experiences you can share with me about Duke, the Neuroscience Center, or Dr Skeen?  

Thanks HVAC for what you have shared. :)  I maybe see you up there if all goes well with my ride.

After my last Doc visit, I'm struggling with dread about going to another although I have no choice!! LOL

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Good luck to you next week NiCee. Praying for a safe trip and a great experience. Hope you and HVAC can get together too!

Throw those jitters to the wind girl - we'll catch them all and knock them down for ya! Let us know how you make out friend.

Here for you,

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hi Nicee, I just wanted to say I wish the best for you at DUKE this week, you have the best team of docs in the country working on you-God Speed to you!! You just take a nice deep breath and let them do their thing. We will all be waiting to hear when you get back-aheart
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Thanks girl!

You brought tears to my eyes and relief to my heart with your post!

Bless you Friend!!!

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   I think I am the only one on the forum from this area.

Skeen is not only a good Neurologist no one has anything bad to say about him in this area.

In fact we try to keep him a secret since there are so few MS Specialists in the Triangle and the others have a lot less bed side manners.

I went a lecture with Skeen and thought why can't I have him for a Neurologist? I am still waiting for that appointment and I was referred last October.

   Also if it turns out you need Neurosurgery Duke is tops at that. They did Teddy Kennedy.

    I had my deafness corrected by a Duke surgeon and the experience was great.

I will see you soon!

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  hey  let  us know    sure u  will  b  fine!       i  would  b    anxious  2!!!

      big hug   u  b   fine!!!  tick
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As you can see, I am a mess right now, I messed up again!

I meant BEEN to Duke!

I'm trying to stay above some other things going on and I'm not doing too well .

Not very strong tonight.... not weeping, but sure feeling weepy!

Not too strong tonight.  

Sorry!  NiCee               ps. (gotta get a grip)
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I'm having a mixed up write backwards day!

I keep telling myself I'll be just fine at Duke.

Really, I'm coming down with a bad case of the jitters.

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