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Hello from Maine

Well I made it to Maine, but there were a few times when I wasn't sure I'd get here.

First of all it took me a good 3 hours to pack, even though I wasn't bringing that much stuff with me. Kept feeling like I was forgetting something, and actually over those hour I did keep remembering things to bring. But eventually just prior to midnight of Tuesday, I decided I had everything and headed out on the trip. Well I did still forget to bring some things with me and they started popping into my mind about 2 hours into the trip. Jacket, Toothbrush, tooth paste, .... the items kept coming up during the entire 36.5 hours on the road.

Shortly after getting to Knoxville a semi almost took off my front bumper when he pulled in front of me. That was the first time during the trip I wasn't so sure I'd make it all the way here. But the second time was even worse. I car in front of me( about 100 feet) all of a sudden swerved and hit the center barrier on the freeway, it then spun around about 540 degrees ( not sure why it didn't roll during that)  and then sped across the 3 lanes of the freeway and slammed nose first into the barrier on the right side of the road. It looked like it was still going around 40-45 MPH when it hit that barrier.  The third and final close call occurred in MA. A Semi was passing me on the left and the driver realized that his exit was coming up. So instead of slowing down and pulling over behind me, he sped up and kept coming close to side swiping my truck several times, and then when he did get in front of me he cut over in front of me within inches of y front bumper and immediately hit his breaks.Good thing I was already slowing down or I would hav hit the rear of his trailer.

The rest of the trip was uneventual, but it was pouring down rain when I got here. And NO jacket to wear so I got soaked unloading my truck. And effective Yesterday at 1:30PM I became an official Maine resident.

PS Sarah, the leaves have'nt turn yet so no pictures as of right now.

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Oh my Dennis, that was an eventful trip! Glad you made it safe and sound. :-)

Enjoy your time there.
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Congratulations on beginning a new life in beautiful Maine! Glad to hear you made it safe.

Best to you,
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How crazy! So glad you made it.
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Yep, he be a Mainer alright...........now I can throw all the Mainer jokes at him........LOL......

I think you win the prize, Dennis, for the most "almost" accidents, but shows you are an alert and cautious driver who pays attention to the road.......good old "SA" (situational awareness).

Welcome to Maine
Sarah still hoping leaves turn before you head South.
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Oh my glad you are safe!!

Welcome to Maine, my Neighbor!!! ;) what is the plan? Are you moving to Maine permanently?

Apple picked here is opening in a couple weeks nd the leaves usually change around then. I love fall!
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I have great situational awareness from living in TN. A lot of people would claim that drivers in NYC or Chicago are the worst driver, but let me assure you it is TN drivers that are the worst.  Just about every day when I go out some place there someone will pass me in a no passing zone and a lind curve. And it isn't that I am driving that slow either. I'll be driving 5 or 6 MPH over the speed limit and still will get passed. Oh and they never obey speed limits. the road to my home there is 45 speed limit. I know that my one neighbor always goes at least 85 on that road.

Yes this will become my perminate home, once I finish the repairs on my TN home and sell it.  Or at least that is the plan, you never know what will come in the future. I do know that if the shirnk I was seeing for my PTSD knew about this move she would say I am running away. And I guess she would be right to an extent. Here I can look out my living room window and see the pond and not some neighbor's house. There is no sound of logging trucks going by avery few hoours. I think the only thing that could make this any better is if there was a waterfall to listen to and see.

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well, am sure you can build an indoor miniature waterfall (they even sell some at wal mart)  but I remember being able to hear the brook in the spring when the snow melts............
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I agree with you on TN drivers. On a trip to Graceland a few years ago, going 10 over like in Dallas was not good enough for the locals. LOL. At some points I would have to go 20 over just to maintain the flow....

I prefer my standard 5 over here....

Best Wishes and congrats on the new life!
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Dennis, I'm thrilled with tis move and sure hope to see some pictures of the new cabin in the woods.  Congrats on the move- keep in mind that  moving on isn't the same as running away.  hugs, Laura
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