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Hello, hello...

Hello to my Dearest Forum Family!  How is everyone?  I've been in a crazed writing frenzy of insanity!  Literally!  I am writing for an online paper, our local print paper, still trying to finish my book on Stills and now I am a freelance editor for a few authors who write paranormal, romance, sci-fi, fantasy fiction and many more.  I get to read books before print, fix mistakes and get paid for it!  Yeah, I am all over that like a fly on a sticky trap... hehehe  But anyway, thats not why I'm here.

A woman I have known all my life was recently dx'd with MS and I only see her like once a year and I told her about all of you here and how wonderful you are and I'm hoping she joins you here.  Her neuro is one I have seen before and what he did for her was good, she is not on any disease modifiers, but she had a flare recently and she had to have solumedrol treatment.  So if you get a woman saying "Spastic" sent me, it is her...  She is a very sweet person...  

Over on Facebook our Still's group is crazy active, (like it is here)  I did start a drug called Arthrotec and it ended up me being in the hospital with a GI bleed, go figure, finally find a combination that seemed to be working good...  Grrr...  I've been off treatment completely for about a month now and I am back in a flare...  I'm going to have to start doing the injections, and I am a big chicken-s**t!!!  But anyway, gotta go for now!!!  I Miss You All!!! (((Hugs)))

Love You All,


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HI ADA!!!!!!!

I look forward to meeting your friend! Tell her to definitely bump up her post if it falls back to the 2nd page.

I'm excited to hear of your writing frenzy Fly-girl, lmao! You are so funny. Seriously, I love it - and you love what you are doing and getting paid to boot. Win win all the way around.

Nice to see you here, friend. See you on fb :)
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Sorry Carol!!!  Hehehe Lulu!!!  Of course you all would open your loving arms to a newbie!!! I  told her how wonderful all of you are and how you guys never let me give up while being in Limboland...  To which I am eternally grateful and love you all...  

It is a whole new world being "active" again!!!  Although it is mainly writing or related to writing, I have found my niche and am able to be active on my own terms.  

I was really hoping this last combination of meds would do it for me, between the methotrexate and the powerful NSAID, it was beginning to work, I didn't mind ingesting the chemo and having the side effects, but boyhowdy the Arthrotec did a number on me... :(

Hugs and Love to you all!!!
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Hey Ada,
it is always great to see you pop through.  tough luck about the treatment causing you grief.  

I hope your friend uses the secret handshake   LOL  Of course we'll treat her well.  I hope she stops through and checks us out.

take care and don't be a stranger.
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Hi Ada,

It's wonderful to here from you... You sound like your one busy little lady... My goodness I got tired just reading your post...lol... I hope your friend joins us here and I look forward to meeting her...

You know how we are here we will treat her good... Take care of yourself and don't over do it...

Hugs and Prayers,
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