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Hello is anyone still out there?

I haven't lurked here in years but this site was invaluable to me when I was transitioning from probable to definite during / after my pregnancy. I appreciated all of the great info and support here.

Keep fighting the good fight, everyone!
Go Cubs Go
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I'm still here from time to time.  Pretty crook at the moment though - Neuro thinks there is a lesion in my spine causing MS hug type symptoms, so drugged to the eyeballs and waiting for it to pass :-(
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Hey yall!!!!
I still kick around and go read old posts when I Google and such!!
I don't read new stuff coming in though

My MS has been troubling me lately so I have come back to the stomping grounds :) It was always a comfort zone here for me too :) Cubbies fan and I were diagnosed around the same time.
glad to see you all here!! :)
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Hello!  I was pretty new here when you were active, but good to hear you're doing well!

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Hi good to hear from you, as JJ mentioned this site is pretty much like a ghost town these days.

Hope you're doing well,

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Yes, I'm here ... but only because you sent me a message earlier today. I posted once this year and once last year and haven't logged in many more times beyond that.

MS just isn't as new and exciting for me anymore. It seems like I've said about everything I can say about my experience, either here or at two other sites (which banned me long ago). I had shot #668 of Avonex yesterday; I haven't given myself a shot in more than four years. My condition has been pretty benign. I filled out my quarterly NARCOMS survey yesterday, and the answers seem to be the same every time, occasionally I report something negligibly worse.

So on that note I'll encourage you and everyone to go to www.narcoms.org and become a participant. I also belong to the Pacific Northwest MS Registry, although I haven't seen a survey from them in a long time.

I'll also mention that anyone that goes through the forum and still has questions that perhaps I can answer, I will be happy to try if you send a personal message. I will always answer; in fact, even though she didn't have a medical question for me, I'm going to go answer cubbiesfan918 now!

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Hi :D

Unfortunately the MS community didn't cope with the new-old site lottery that we had going on whilst the new site design was being developed, and when it was all said and done over the year and a half it took for the site design you see now to go live, the MS community had already scattered across the web....

I honestly can't say if there are many still lurking in the background these days, it's been such a long long time since i've seen any of the oldies post anything, aspen and I still keep an eye out for everyone but no one else that we know from before is posting now. I do know that some of us 'oldies' have found each other and are still using the same id names if thats of any help to you, well hopefully it is :D  

It's nice to see you........JJ  
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