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Help please

I have been having issues for several years. Balance weakness brain fog fatigue bone and joint pain headaches blurry vision double vision vertigo high blood pressure and severe episodes of low blood sugar.
I have been to numerous doctors with many different diagnoses. I have flare ups a couple of times a year. Until this March they usually go away but not this time I feel off I know something is wrong. I have seen neurologist, Rheumatalogy, Endocrinology, heart doctor, oncologist hematology, gastrointestinal doctors. I’ve have spinal taps brain mris and tons of tubes of blood drawn, so far not a lot has come up . Here is some of the lab work I think is significant but the neurologist I saw doesn’t give a crap about anything so I was wasting her time. And I can’t get into another neurologist until September. So I’m trying to figure this out with you alls help.

Albumin csf is 11.8 which is low
IgG , serum / mss 833
Albumin/serum 4202
Ratio IgG: Alb/serum 0.20
CFS Index 1.20 which is high
Ratio IgG: Alb/csf .237
IgG synthesis rate 5.5 which is high
High resolution EP Oligoclonal bands absent in both csf and serum
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Hi and welcome,

I wouldn't be able to interpret your LP results in to anything meaningful for you sorry, the LP isn't an exclusive diagnostic test so all i can really say is in regards to MS,  the complete absents of Obands basically means your LP results do not add the diagnostic value that could of been added to the other neurologically related diagnostic test evidence eg brain and spinal MRI's, VEP, neurological clinical assessments etc etc and put a neurological condition like MS into the more likely diagnostic picture.

If your saying your MRI's and other tests have not been suggestive-consistent with demyelinating conditions, a neurological condition like MS is less likely to be what your dealing with....

You mention "I have been to numerous doctors with many different diagnoses" and there are a lot of medical conditions that cause the same or similar symptoms to what you've been experiencing, as well as being associated with MS, so the symptoms you've mentioned could possibly be more to do with your combined preexisting medical conditions overlapping, isolated or combined condition progression etc being a factor in explaining why this time a flare up hasn't resolved the way it use to do.

All i'm thinking is if you test evidence is not pointing towards anything additional to what you already know about, then it's possible what your now dealing with is connected to what you know and less likely to be due to something else going on and all i can suggest you do is speak to your primary treating physician and ask him or her what if any of your treatment medications can be adjusted or altered to give you a better quality of life and whilst your ask at the same time to look at your LP results to see if there is anything there you need to know about.

I hope that helps......JJ
All the prior diagnosis from past years I have been told I do not have . I was told I was misdiagnosed.
Doctors are not sure what is going on yet. My primary doctor has no clue what these test results mean. She says I need to see the neurologist for answers to these test results but I can’t get into him until September as he was not the neurologist who initially did the testing. The original neurologist acted as though I was wasting her time . When it was my primary who said I needed to see a neurologist.
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