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Help with diagnosing symptoms...ms, als or statin use?

New to the forum and was looking for help in finding the cause of recent symptoms.  I am 44yr/male in relatively good health.  Was diagnosed with high cholesterol in fall of 2011 and had been on statins (simvastatin) for almost 3 years.   Shortly after starting this drug I was diagnosed with idiopathic angioedema (random body parts swelling).  Was assured by my family doc and allergist that this could not be from the statins....so stayed on them for several years and used antihistamines to control outbreaks.

This past November I started getting headaches, tinnitus, sharp muscle pains in my legs at night, numbness in my arms at night and shortness of breath (climbing some stairs would wind my pretty quick), frequent heartburn.  Reported to my doctor and he ordered an MRI and did a bunch of blood tests (lyme, etc.).  The MRI came back with "Multifocal nonspecific abnormal subcortical white matter signal"....findings that can be seen in migranes, priamry/secondary demyelinating processes, lyme etc.   Doctor referred me to neurologist for further review.

Neurologist did an office exam and scheduled a CT Scan.  The scan came back without any issues.  After the CT Scan results I started doing research on statins and found quite a few articles on this drug causing ms/als type symptoms.  I stopped taking the statins at the beginning of this year and the angioedema and sharp leg pains stopped within a few weeks.  I thought I had the answer to my issues, but over the last few months some of the symptoms have not gone away and a few new ones have crept up.  I have an appointment with my neurologist next week to discuss and review the MRI vs. CT Scan findings, but thought I could post this for any thoughts or input before my apt.  Do these issues sounds like possible MS or ALS?

Still lingering and some new symptons include:
Tinnitus (4 to 5 days a week), off and on muscle cramps in the legs/arms this tends, arms tend to go numb while sleeping,  get winded real easily, frequent heartburn/gurd, occasional hives (usually when I wake up but no angioedema).  The last week I also started feeling discombobulated and some issues keeping balance in addition to some tingling in the arms.

Any input or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi and welcome,

To be totally honest, there actually isn't anything you've mentioned, that would be suggestive of medical conditions like MS or ALS, I genuinely don't think you need to concern your self about either. I have no idea what could be going on, but it is more likely a condition that is associated with the symptoms you have.

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Your symptoms could be many things. I would see what the neurologist says. CT scans are not done for MS so he was looking for something else.

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