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How do you know you are ahving and MS attack?

Hi Guys  I been just off the past 3 days...the first day very weak just wanted to lay down all day...2nd day extrememly dizzy(for half the day) layed down all day couldnt shut up my eyes or felt like i was spinning like i used to be before the meds and my left arm started tinlging for about 3 hours and started feeling stabbing pains again off an on......today just really dizzy again wobbly no pain yet and tinlging? is this likesymptoms getting ready for an attack attack like how it was before or are these just things that happen with ms?
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It sounds like you're already in a relapse.  With me, a relapse starts with one or more symptoms that stick around for 24 hours or more.  Sometimes it's a bad relapse, and I just sleep all the time.  
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Really? That's kind of what I was kind of trying to ask on my "pattern?" thread....

I go through very similar experiences very often...
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I think I skrewed that one up, I am sorry. I started mumbling about acid reflux and was set straight...:)
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Hi Erin,

Sounds pretty familiar. I guess you are in limboland and have not been diagnosed. If so I am sorry. All I can say is hang in there and keep your head up. As for your question, everyone is different as far as our symptoms concerning our flare ups. I normally have some wicked pains that are like nothing that I have felt which leads to extreme exhaustion followed by whatever limbs and other body parts go on vacation. I have also gone through the feelings of a TIA which was followed by the same results. Once again my thoughts will be with you....jason
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skip the limboland bit..you have been diagnosed..:(
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My heart goes out to all of you who have to deal with relasping.. I have Never had a remission..  :-(    so I can't tell any of you what relasping feels like...
I just wanted you to know I keep all of you in my thoughts and Prayers daily...
and continue to send out my hugs.... Catch them on the breezes blowing by you daily
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Hey there,

Well, it's difficult to distinguish especially when you are a rookie (like I was).  Only thing that really help you to know is time.

Sometimes an attack is often confused with a pseudoexacerbation - we've discussed them here, but not lately, so it's good you bring it up.  My Dr. told me attacks have to be a minimum of 24 hours and occur at least a month after the last attack.

These pseudoexacerbations (if that's what you are having) will hopefully pass after awhile.  But don't be surprised if they come back, and often.  We've talked about that too, how, it would be nice if the "remitting" part of the dx would actually "really" happen and leave us totally normal for awhile.

Hope this helps and that you are resting, not overduing it and staying cool.  

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Oh, forgot this...

True attacks are said to involve another demyelinating episode on the CNS. So, that's why it's best to let the Dr. know - so he/she sould  evaluate you and determine either way. If Dr suggests imaging sometimes the small and new doesn't always get captured, unless it's actively seen occurring by use of the contrast agent. That's why it's important to get a clinical eval....

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With a year round of chronic visual disturbances (always there), some days with paresthesias (like every other day)for motnhs... every other day with dizziness for months... is this like an MS relapse? how come all tests are normal? should this already show up on a test...? since they have been there for so long???
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Ok, i have related questions to tak on because we're always told to contact your dr when in relapse. Why do the dr's need to know your relapsing? If your in limboland i can understand a new MRI will go towards the evidenciary data you need to get your dx but if your already dx with MS, why do you need confirmation of a relapse? From everything i've read the only way to really know if your in a true relapse is to have it confirmed with contrasting MRI's, if no new lessions are lighting up your having a psudoexaserbation and not be in a clinicly defined relapse. But i'm confused at what the patient gets out of knowing the've got new lessions when they already know they have MS, there doesnt seem to be much to aide a quicker recovery apart from steroids, so is this to gather research data for the future. I'm not trying to be difficult or anything but i'm a little confused as to why we are suppose to put our selves through the tests if we get nothing much out of it, i'd love to know the why of this.

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I am sorry that you are not feeling well.  Sometimes you can have a flare up of symptoms due to an infection somewhere in your body.  Usually in people with MS, it's a bladder infection, but not always.

My Neuro does not consider it a flare up unless a patient has symptoms that last a least a couple of weeks.  Some relapses can go on as long as a month or more.  My longest one was about 4 months.  A Neuro also would like to see at least a month or more between relapses, before she will say, that you had a remission in between relapses. Hence, relapsing/remitting symptoms.

Sometimes in the beginning of MS, all of your symptoms may disappear after a relapse when you go into remission. All of patients describe feeling better when their remission starts, but their symptoms are still there, but much less bothersome.  They do not come out of a relapse fully.  This has been my course for the whole 14 years since my diagnosis.  My symptoms just get better, but each one is still there, to a much lesser degree.

I do NOT notify my doctor every time I have a relapse, unless it involves my eyes, such as in Optic Neuritis.  O.N. that can be treated with steroids, such as IV Solumedrol.  My doctor does not wait to treat, if a patient is complaining of O.N.

Now that I am 14 years from diagnosis, my relapses and distinct remissions are very hard to identify.  I have short lived exacerbations, such as when I get overheated or have over-done, even when I have been under extreme stress.  

If you feel that you should contact your doctor about what you have been experiencing, call your doctor's office and leave a message.  Tell the receptionist to have the doctor call you, if they want to see you in their office.  The next time you have an appointment with your doctor, ask them if they want to be notified when you are having an increase in symptoms.  They will especially want to know if you are having problems with your eyes, such as pain upon movement (in one eye) sensitivity to light and vision changes.  In my opinion, this is serious and CAN be treated with success.

I hope you feel better.  Rest if you need too.  If you get any worse, maybe get in touch with the doctor.  You do what you think is right for you....

All the Best,
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