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I promised to update you all

daybreak saw me AGAIN at the ER today...sigh......but wonderful staff, doc doubled the zofran, added more fluids and topped it off with 4mg Morphine.......that did it!........never had that but it earned me a 4 hr nausea free nap
in the ER.

Labs all normal except WBC, always elevated after Tysabri.  Doc and I will have a long talk Monday!
Thanks for all the words of encouragement.
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I'm glad you were finally able to get some relief!  

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no better this morning, although thought I had it licked last night, they are having trouble finding veins now, due to dehydration, guess am headed back to ER again for 3rd time, afraid they will keep me and we are "out of town" at son's but he leaves in 2 days for 15 days and we can't stay here due to apt rules.......sigh........I think I am going to divorce Tysabri
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Sarah so sorry to hear your still sick I think a divorce maybe necessary at this point  have you talked to neuro to see if they can be of any help or suggestions? have you talked to biogen and see if they have any recommendations? I really hope you feel better soon

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Hey Lady!

Oh no, sorry you are on your way back :(
Any way of speaking to your doc? Will they call him?

Ugh, very much pulling for you.
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I have neuro appt on Monday morning, just need to get well enough to get there (am in VA need to get to AL)  will have a stack of ER papers for him.
Biogen will want me to file another report with FDA, of course, but I'm already sector scanning for an alternative DMD or even considering a holiday from everything.

I have a pacemaker replacement outpatient surgery next month so don't need to go thru this next month too!

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3rd trip to ER last night, they are tired of seeing me.  I called Biogen who chalked it up to allergic reaction....really?....really?......
So will not schedule next infusion site until I see neuro on Monday, maybe he will okay a short holiday..
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