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I thought this was a place for support. Boy, was I wrong!

I logged into my account tonight to look something up on Health Pages only to find the RUDEST frickin comment posted on my profile about how I should never come back and post here ever again. It wasn't even in the forum, but they went out of there way to be a mean douche on my profile!

I have found the health pages very helpful and just before and just after my diagnosis I found a lot of support on here, but that was the BOAGEST thing I have ever read directed at me.

I hate to be one to give a bully his own way, but I definitely don't have time for that! I'm sure if I look hard enough online I will be able to find any information I need from another source.

Thank you to those such as Lulu and others who were so helpful to me when I was first diagnosed. I wish you all the best.

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That would be upsetting to anybody, but it appears MedHelp has removed the comment. I rarely go to my profile. I'm always just on the boards unless I'm PM-ing. Any behaviour of this sort violates MedHelp's T&C, and I'm sure they take it very seriously. Did you look to see if this person was a member in good standing (or had they only very recently joined, etc.).

Again, I am so sorry this happened. No one deserves this. I wouldn't blame you for being gun shy and wanting to stay away. But the forums themselves are well modded. An option would be just to come directly here until you feel more comfortable. Of course, it's ultimately up to you if you remain with us, but you would be sorely missed.
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Ojibajo! Where? I'm so sorry - I've not been on either and it would be horrifying to me to have something like this happen
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I am sorry.

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hang in there ojibajo……am sure the moderators have taken care of it and you know we all are in your corner!
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Oh that is not good.
Please don't go .. The more the merrier here!!
I am sorry this happened to you.
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Actually as you know that comment was in response to your statement condemning the members of the forum:  

"forgot how "judgy" this forum is. Now I remember why I hardly read or post in here anymore. Enough of this nonsense!"

That was really disappointing to read, as many of us, myself included, have offered you advice with only good intentions and concern. But when you go after us, and especially when you go after one of the kindest people here (Kyle) then it does make one wonder why you return, when have such little regard for us. I'm not interested in a silly fight over this and hopefully the mods will remove all related comments, including your original offensive post.
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I hope this is resolved soon for you. I'm sorry this has happened & you feel you can't come back. :-(

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someone posted on one of my posts - "I hope you die, lesbian, die!" yet, I'm still here...   :-)  And the moderators graciously removed the post when I notified them of it.
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Wow Kelly, that is shocking that anyone thinks it is okay to post such hate speech. Glad you stayed.
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Sorry,rant alert...

This kind of mean behavior from ANYONE should not be tolerated.. Please anyone and everyone who finds a remark offensive should report it to the Mods immediately.

This is supposed to be a safe, NONJUDGMENTAL forum where one can find answers and support! Being judgmental and nasty serves no purpose to anyone.

If someone doesn't like a forum member then please keep it to yourself or leave what is supposed to be a safe and cohesive group of people all struggling through the same trials and tribulations.

I am sorry for those who feelings have been hurt and those with less than positive comments need to find another community that tolerates abuse of ones character. This is not the place for judgmental people and comments.

Please be kind to one another! Preying on those who are kind and trying to being helpful is unconscionable .

Thanks for all everyone does to keep the forum a safe and informative place!

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There is never going to be 100% agreement or support for each other here because that is just the way humans work- but what makes this forum stand out from so many others is -

We go out of our way to support everyone, even those people who need to be told to get on with living and to not allow  the fear of MS to dominate their life. And as a community I believe we have collectively made it a point that if we can't be supportive of that person, we need to be quiet and let someone else step up. If you notice, you will very rarely find a post that doesn't have at  least one reply - we don't leave people hanging out there alone.

I'm not sure of the backstory of this problem, and I hope this conversation is useful to everyone.

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I for one would be lost without this forum.

From my diagnosis in 09 til now & I am sure well into the future

This forum has been able to answer any questions asked with care

& compassion.

There are people that say the wrong thing or post things they shouldn't

But there is no need to be disrespectful to anyone!

From my experience here, I am thinking that maybe it was said when

Someone may have been having a lousy ms moment that we all have.

I do not know what was said in the post, but I find it difficult to believe

That any of the marvelous people that have helped me so very much

would do something that would hurt another members feelings.

I know I have done & said things that I did not mean to hurt anyone

But who knows what makes us act the way we do sometimes

it's terrible to say but this disease can make us act out of character.

I prefer to think that is what happened in this case.

Please do not let 1 post upset you. I think you have helped me in the past

& would like all of us to be here for each other for a long time!!

As I said I do not know what was said to you.

I wish you the best & hope you hang around.
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Mine was a person who had joined specifically (I think) to make a post on one of my old posts. I was talking in my post of how I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I had that one reaction after my Copaxone injection & I was talking about my partner during the post. This person found the old post & made this comment on it. And their screenname was something from a serial killers name - which made it even more scary. They were booted off of Medhelp. Not sure if they're still lurking around somewhere on here.

I do think that most everyone on here is very helpful & supportive. And if any remarks/comments have been made on either side, then like gypcwmn had said, maybe they were just having a bad day or moment. We're all human. Sometimes we don't think before we speak, & other times we may be too sensitive to what other people say (I'm usually the sensitive one).  Like a family, we will not all agree - but we can all agree to disagree.  And if words have been mis-spoken & feelings have been hurt, hopefully, this was just an isolated case.
Like the saying goes, "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater". But that's just me. If you feel like you would be more comfortable on another forum, you have every right to go somewhere else. I just wish it wasn't just because of a comment that someone had made. Overall, this forum is very supportive - or at least tries their best to be that way.

Take care,
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Ok, everyone smile and hope Ojibaja stays.  We often forget, too, that posts can be googled by anyone, anywhere and there are people out there who just want to cause problems.

Laura is right, we will never all agree, but what would be the fun in that!  

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Please re-consider Ojibaja ...... there are a few "uneducated"  people on forums, that don't understand the rules, or choose not to follow them.  Those people we can not change.  But, we are behind you 100% in support of this NOT being OK, and for that support, I hope that you will see that this IS the best place to be.

We have the best moderators, and if something is said that is a little "one way or that", they will say something to that person.  

Also, some people don't understand the on some days us MSers' rant, and sometimes don't really rehearse our rants, and if you use a swear word or something like that, it will be blocked out of *x****  kinda of thing.

So, we care about you, and would like you to stay , and continue to support someone else, you may be surprised that we are the same old members, LOL

figuritively speaking...."

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