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I uploaded a couple of my MRI photos for you to see

I uploaded a couple of my MRI photos if anyone wanted to see them.  These two show a couple of larger ones and I think I counted at least 15 which was mostly small ones.  Well, small to me.  I don't know what I'm looking at though really.  
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They're pretty fascinating, aren't they? Such a strange experience when I looked at my first set-- a whole new picture of "me."

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Those MRI pics are always amazing to look at - it still has a 'wow' factor to me that they can actually look at my brain while I am still alive.

Look all you want, but don't drive yourself nutty with trying to spot the lesions - there are many things that cause these white spots in addition to MS lesions. BE sure to ask the neuro to review the images with you to understand a bit of what you are seeing.

The other point I want to make is regardless of how many lesions you might have, that doesn't correlate to our level of problems with MS.  The location of those lesions is what is critical in our physical well being.   Just like real estate, their value is location, location and location.

be well, L

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It is very fascinating to look at these images. I have my physical with my regular doc on may 3rd and plan on discussing this with her to see what he thinks. She had access to my MRI images on the tablet cause it's through the same clinic.
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I meant "she" not he. LOL. I'm typing on my little iPhone screen.
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I just uploaded a couple more photos in my profile.  They show the lesions better, I think.  Please let it be Migraines.  Sorry.  Just still freaking out a little bit.  When I show other people the images, they don't say much.  I don't know what to make of it.  Are they not saying much because they think it looks bad, or are they not saying much because they don't know what they are looking at, or are they not saying much because they don't think there is any reason to freak out?  Probably all of the above...
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