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I'm Back!!!!

Hi Everyone, so sorry I have been gone for so darn long..

I am finally feeling better ( it  sure took long enough).. I can see our Forum Group has a Lot of New Members.. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you..

I met my New Neurologist this past Monday. Dr. Scott is with the MS Clinic at Allegheny General Hospital. Believe it or not, I really got lucky with this one.. He thinks there are some things that can be done to help me, he isn't making any promises, (if he did, I wouldn't go back to him), but there are some things he wants to look into to trying. Color this old girl Happy  ;-)

I now have all the new doctors on board, and I think they are just as good and some are even better than the ones I had in CA..

I am starting to get adjusted to the new place... I had forgotten how hot and humid summers get here in PA.. So I have to adjust to it, or just stay inside.. But at Least I can look forward to the Fall and Winter months...I really am looking forward to the changing of the leaves and to the SNOW... Just need to get skies for the wheel chair  ;-)

Giuseppe (my Kitty) is five months old and is already 7.8Lbs, he is going to be a large kitty.. he's such good company.

Life is Good, and I am so glad to still be around and kicking.. I promise I'll be in touch a whole lot more,, Thank all of you for your support and Prayers.. they got me through some pretty dark days, weeks and months... Now that is behind me and I am Moving forward and happy to say the stress is gone I left it in CA.. ;-)

I hope everyone is doing OK, I am here for each of you...

Sending you all Hugs filled with love on the winds {{{{~!~}}}}} DJ

PS: Lulu, Thank you for keeping Our Group updated and passing my love on to them too..
It feels so good to be home...

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DJ, I was so happy to see your post this morning.  I'm so glad that you are back and that you are doing better!!    Although I haven't gotten to know you well yet,  I have been worried about you.  

It sounds like you have a wonderful team there at Alleghany with some new and hopful treatments.  

I'm from Southern California, so I know what a huge difference you have now.  It took me years to acclimate to Michigan, but I love it here.  L.A. is a huge traffic jam.  I bet your glad to be in PA.

So glad your back and that you have Guiseppe


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wow...it is wonderful to read your post dj.

though we haven't met (or posted!!lol) one another yet, your story touched me deeply and i have been thinking of you often.

what a beautiful thing to hear you are doing well!!  

enjoy your day...a kitten is so wonderful to have about--never a dull moment!

xo michelle
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Hi, DJ!

Hope to see lots of you here from now on.

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Hi DJ,

Even though we have not met I would like to welcome you back!!!

I am so very happy that you are doing better these days. It is always nice to hear positive stories.

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Hi DJ.  I've been on the forum coming up close to a year but haven't got to know you much either.  I do know from Lulu's posts that this has been a terribly difficult year for you.  I hope that is behind you now.

PA might be more like you remember it by next summer.  I certainly hope so!  I grew up in NJ and have been in OH for the last 30 years.  I don't remember either of the states you are sandwiched between being as bad in the summer as they have been this year.  

Usually there are two weeks of hellatious heat and humidity but if you got through those you had it made in the shade.  This year I think August arrived in May and decided to stay all season.  Lulu did tell me she witnessed a few hours of spring one day.  I think I was napping after a midnight shift and missed it.

Glad to have you jumping back in here but take your time about it.  It's way easy to overdo things even when the socialization is on line.  You know that.  We understand.

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WaaaHoooo!!!!  DJ's back!  I'm so glad to see you here.  I'm so happy you've met good new doctors, and I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Big, gentle (((hugs))),
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Yehooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. She's back. I am not supposed to be using the computer on hols but could not resist a quick hello and I am soooooooooooooooooo happy for you that you are feeling better.

Lulu told us all how tough it was for you and how unwell you have been, and it really felt like the bottom of the pit. You deserve all the welcomes, love and hugs from all your friends on the forum and I am sending you soft summer sun from England and warm ripples from the sea where I have been dipping my toes in beautiful Cornwall.

Keep well and smiling, love Sarah x :)
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See my friend, they are happy to have you back among us.  Now stick with us and learn all these fine new people --- you have lots to share with us!

♥  Lulu  
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I can't remember if I ever responded to any of your old posts before..........

..but i want to say WELCOME BACK!!!

We've all been kept up to date by Lulu, and we've been very concerned and worried!

I'm so glad you're feeling well enough to post again.

:) Mike
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Thrilled, DJ.  Can't think of a better way to describe it.

Yes, Mary, it's been stifling here, but I don't think we've reached an actual temperature of 100F or greater yet this year, at least not in my part of the state.  Heat Index has crossed that line a few times, but not the temp, unless I'm mistaken.  The hottest summer I remember was 1988, but it was drier.  A drought, in fact, with lawn watering bans, etc.  Grass became crunchy.  Nasty.
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This has been a stressful week for me and now that I am home and reading the posts, I have to say my heart and mind are really at peace to hear the great news you are sharing.  I am smiling ear-to-ear.  You can't imagine how much we worried about you.  But that is behind you and now you are moving on.  :)  

I'm glad to hear your new medical team is in place and to hear you like the new neuro, well, icing on the cake.  

Keep feeling better and keep posting.  We missed you so much.

Love and hugs,

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I meant "meet" all these new people not "learn."    It us that will learn from you!  there are a ton of new faces here and I know you will like them all.
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DJ - Welcome back, Lady!  We are always so much more comfortable when you are doing well and can be with us!  I hope the whole move and everything turn out to be the best in the world for you.

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So nice to have you back, you sure have been missed.  Glad you are getting used to PA and glad you have found some good medical care there.

Keep on feeling good and posting here. So glad your move is behind you and the humidity will surely pass soon...

Big hugs,
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Hey DJ,

Welcome back!!! I am so happy to hear something good has come out of the horror, though i'm sure it would of been nice to skip the horror part. It is just so good to see your lovely face!!


PS what on earth are you feeding that kitty?
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Welcome back DJ!!!

Glad you are feeling a whole lot better and that life is good for you.

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I too am glad to see you back and feeling better. I haven't been around much myself, just thought I'd check in to see what was up, and saw your post right off!  God is good, and prayer is answered.

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Welcome back DJ - you have always been an inspiration around here and I am not expecting that to change any time soon.

You did have us worried for a while - but wow you go girl!

Gentle healing (((hugs))) across the sea

Pat x
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Welcome home, our precious DJ.  Glad that you are finally settled in.  That was a huge move, wasn't it?  Clear across the country to my home state of PA.  Allegany Hospital is very familiar to me, having relatives around Allentown and me being born in Stroudsburg, PA near the Pocono's.  So now we have something in common, besides MS, dear heart.

I am glad to hear that kitty is settling in too.  What would we do without our little animals to comfort us?

Please post when you can and tell us more about your adventures in this big move.  Oh as you know, the Fall and Winter are beautiful in PA.  It's when you get snowbound that things are not much fun.

I've missed you precious.  Our Angel with Invisible Wings.

All my Love,
(Earth Mother)
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Hey Sweet Lady, it''s so nice to see you back on here and doing  better. My thoughts have been with you and I pray that things keep getting better for you. I'm so happy that you have another great team of docs to look after you, that is so great.

Hugs & Love
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Welcome Home:)))

We've ALL missed you,

Beds xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Its so nice to see you back!!!  We have missed you and it's nice that your getting settled.

I'm glad you found some Dr that you like, I hope it stays that way and you get the help you need in your new place.

stay in touch with us.. OK
take care of yourself friend
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  I think of you often. My naughty kitties were chasing a poor squirrel in and out of my legs today. The squirrel finally went up a tree. I am glad Giuseppe is such good company and that you are getting good care. You are so inspiring.

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