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Introducing myself

I have not been diagnosed with MS.  I have had different off and on symptoms starting when I was 20.  I have seen more doctors than I can count.  

I was diagnosed with Firbromyalgia in 2005, but have not had any relief from symptoms and have had more symptoms occur that don't seem to be related.

I was also diagnosed with Neuro Cardiogenic Syncope, the medications I was on didn't help, and now I don't take anything but an anti-depressant.

I was doing a fairly good job of dealing with (ignoring) most of my dizziness, vertigo, shortness of breath, chest pains, achyness, tinnitus, and fatigue until about 6 months ago when I developed constant whooshing or vascular tinnitus in my left ear.

Starting last week it is now also in my right ear, and starting a couple of days ago there is also a humming in my right ear and flashes of light directly in front of my eyes.  My vision also feels 'different', like it's pixalated or something.

I'm tired, I'm caring for 3 children and I'm stressed.  I'm fighting depression because I just don't know what's going to happen next.

My aunt has MS, my father suffers from many similar symptoms as myself, and also a completely numb/painful/and hot left side of his body.  (no diagnosis).

I just did an MRI with contrast, and it was normal.  Waiting, waiting, waiting for my next VA appointment.

Thanks for letting me vent.  :)
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I hear you Depression, fear and frustration. I have been there.

It took 40 years for my Diagnosis.

Our members on the Forum who deal with the VA have a harder time getting a diagnosis.

I do not know what your local MS Society Chapter is like. We have strong Veteran support here. We even have a veteran with MS working for a US Representative. It helps with some of the red tape.

I did not have the VA to deal with being a civilian. From the time the first Neurologist was convinced I had MS it took two years for a diagnosis. The norm is appointments every six months. Now that I am diagnosed my MS Specialist is booked with his own patients for the next two years. I saw him in August and I do not know when I will be able to see him again.

Venting is good, admitting you are depressed is half the battle. I find staying in the moment is the key. Nothing too terrible is ever happening right at the moment. Worry is trying to control what you can't. It really does no good. If you have three kids you need all the energy you have with out wasting any on on worry.

Hang in there. I hope you get answers soon.

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I'm adding my welcome to Alex's informative welcome. She gave you some good tips.

I'd like to add that we have Health Pages, located in the right upper hand corner next to the yellow icon.  These pages contain a wealth of information on a variety of subjects.

Feel free to ask questions, vent when necessary and join us in the occasional laugh.

Welcome again,
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Thank you so much for your welcome, and your information.  I have considered going to a doctor outside of the VA, but without regular insurance that would get expensive fast.

I think my next step is going to try diet elimination as I've read in some other posts has been successful for some in dealing with symptoms.

If there's a chance that changing one of the few things that I actually have control over can lessen my symptoms, I have to at least give it a try.

Thanks again for your warm welcome, and words of encouragement.

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Hiya and welcome to the forum. You will find many kind people here willing to offer advice.

We all understand waht you are going through, we have all either been there or we are still there so know that around here you will be well supported. Sorry you are going through all this and I hope you find answers soon.

Alex gave you alot of good advice.

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