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Is MS likely to make other viruses worse/last longer?

I've contracted an upper respiratory tract infection that has got gradually worse over the last week. I did go to my GP on Mon morning but no treatment, lost all hearing bar muffled in left ear, painful ears/sinuses, major tinnitus, temp 101-103 for several days and headache as well as generally feeling unwell and lethargic

Got worse so had out of hours GP appt 10.20pm at 'local' hospital (not local!!). Where given antibiotics and told right eardrum had burst but would mend itself. Nearly 2 days in on meds and no change bar temp has come down to about 100.

Worried if goes on too long hearing might not come back. Anyone else had this sort of illness before that can give me some reassurance?

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Are you on a DMT?  Most of the DMTs suppress your immune system to some extent (even the ones that are only supposed to be immunomodulators, rather than immunosuppressants).  I chose copaxone because of this -- didn't want to suppress my immune system, which I need for other reasons.

Because of this, it becomes harder for your body to mount an immune attack where it's supposed to.  I have a friend taking Aubagio who hasn't been sick in years, and fought a sinus infection for eight weeks this winter. To reassure you - it did go away.

If you're not on a DMT, I'd have to theorize that your immune system is distracted by your myelin and therefore shirking it's regular responsibilities  ;).  I.e. I have no idea.
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No clue, unfortunately...just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and hoping you get this cleared up soon!!

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Hey babe,

If the hearing loss is caused by the ruptured ear drum, it's usually only temporary and come back once the infection and ear drum have healed, which could take weeks.....as a kid i constantly had ear infections, sometimes blowing the ear drum. When ever it happened i was always told to keep the ear dry, so no swimming and to use a shower cap or ear plugs when bathing.

Autoimmune diseases in general, left to there own devises are  overly active, basically the immune system doesn't need anything to incorrectly think there are foreign invaders and start attacking what it shouldn't, and in MS the nibble of choice is the meyeline sheath covering nerve fibres but MSers don't have weakened immune systems which is what usually causes infections to last longer or be worse than normal.

All types of infections trigger the immune defense system responses and infections are known to cause a pseudo relapse, so for an MSer an infection can make their MS symptoms return or get worse at the same time, but keep in mind that about a third of infections can actually trigger a true relapse, which is one of the main reasons why it's recommended that MSers treat infections or possible infections asap...  

Theoretically having MS shouldn't make the 'infection' better or worse than normal, it's likely the infection got worse because you actually always needed antibiotics to shut it down....GP's are generally not prescribing antibiotic as often because of global resistance issues but not prescribing antibiotics for your infection and treating it before this all happened, is the more likely reason of the infection getting worse, which would of happened to anyone MS or no MS.        

Hugs, get better soon..........JJ
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Hey babe! Have you had your blood work done recently to make sure your absolute lymphocytes haven't dropped?

It might be good for your neuro to know that you have an infection in case Tec is impacting it. Not saying that it is and if memory serves, your blood work results have been good but it doesn't hurt to check.

For me, I don't get sick often so when I do it knocks me on my butt. I figure if it sneaks by my overactive immune system long enough to settle in, it's a tenacious bugger and needs to be dealt with pronto.

Might be worth checking with a doc about a new RX for the antibiotics, it may be a resistant infection or one that just isn't responding well to the infection that you do have.

Hugs and I hope you feel better soon,

Thanks peeps
(I've been more a watcher than responder since the changes but now they've brought back who's commented that's easier)

Temp still up but hovering around the 100 mark, hearing slightly back in L ear (think under water Daleks!). Asthma loving all this clearly *rolls eyes*

I don't get many colds but when I do they go for it too.  Will go back to Docs early next week and give my MS Nurse a buzz too.

Thanks for info and ideas.
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