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Is it MS..Any ideas???

have tingling in thighs and burning lips   comes and goes... first dr said STD  all results negative    urologist sad infection  all test negative   third dr neurologist said auto immune, all blood test negative    mri to follow....I am 2o year old other wise health male.....any ideas
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Hi and welcome,

To be honest i think there could be many different (primary or secondary) causes....STD's, infections, autoimmune and neurological conditions would all be  on the list of possibilities but i don't think a neurological condition like MS would be very high on the list because IF it is neurological, the combination of facial and bilateral limb nerve involvement from my understanding would more likely be something to do with the peripheral nervous system.

If the neurologist can't find anything abnormal in your neurological associated testings either, which is a possibility, it might be an idea to consider seeing a dermatologist but keep in mind the cause of sensory issues are not always easy to identify so it might take some time to work out....

Hope that helps....JJ  
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Thank you for your response.  When I was in high school I suffered 3 concussion playing football , I stopped playing my junior year had have not had any post concussion syndrome issues, maybe its connected . The reason the first doctor thought STD is because I started feeling symptoms 3 days after having sex, but my doctor does not feel it is related since all tests have been negative. I never had any outbreak and Valtrex for 6 weeks no change.  I am just very scared at this point.
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What you've described is honestly unlikely to be something serious or life altering so if you can try not to let your anxiety run you off the rails...

If you have a history of multiple concussions, head, neck or spinal injuries from playing a contact sport it might be related but it's just as likely to not be and until you've had a spinal MRI, nerve conductor tests etc you won't have a true idea of if this is actually neurological caused or not.

Please keep in mind that it's highly likely this is a temporary situation that will resolve in time on it's own eg pinched nerve, inflammation, irritation, allergy etc etc etc and if it does come and go like you've said, it would be a good idea to take note of what you are physically and doing when ever it comes back eg working out, bending, sitting, reaching, carrying weight, gaming, looking at your phone, dancing, using power tools etc etc etc to see if there is a common theme that brings it on.

Take a step back and try to be open minded!

Hope that helps....JJ
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Appreciate your comments and opinion !!
Blood test back today non fasting glucose 124

A/g 2.9.    All other test normal.

I am 20 year old male 6 foot.  180 pounds
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