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Is this pain from injection?

It's been a month since i injected Betaseron in left butt cheek. It still feels like I've been stabbed. I think it is from hitting a spot that I had injected before, but it also feels like sciatica because there's pain (even in bone) going down my leg to my ankle. Ibuprofen helps for about an hour and I'm in pain again. Walking makes it worse and I've done the sciatica stretches. Does anyone have any idea how I can get rid of this once n for all??? When I was in the hospital in July for a relapse I was told that the welts on my stomach and buttocks are under the skin scared tissue and there's nothing to get rid of it
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Hi and welcome,

I know you've just asked about your spinal MRI which showed a mild disc bulge "c3-c4 mild disc bulge indenting ventral thecal sac uncinate facet hypertrophy" but that would be way too high up your spinal column to be effecting the sciatic nerve, so unless you have additional structural issues and or spinal cord lesions lower down your spine, the problem might actually be with the Piriformis muscle and not coming from a spinal issue at all.  


"Piriformis syndrome
Piriformis syndrome is an uncommon cause of sciatica. The piriformis is a muscle that lies deep underneath the gluteal muscles of the buttocks. The function of the piriformis muscle is to externally rotate and stabilise the hip.

The sciatic nerve passes directly underneath the piriformis. Piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscle becomes tight, goes into spasm, or swells. When this happens it compresses the sciatic nerve beneath it. In roughly one in 7 people, the sciatic nerve passes through the piriformis instead of underneath it — and these people may be prone to sciatic nerve problems."

"What’s the Treatment for Piriformis Syndrome?

After a thorough assessment of your back, pelvis and hips, your physiotherapist will determine the cause of your pain.

Once your diagnosis is established, treatment could involve any of the following:

*Pelvis and spine re-alignment techniques.
*Joint mobilisation to restore normal joint mobility, the range of motion and function.
*Massage or electrotherapy to help decrease pain and spasm in your piriformis and increase blood flow plus soft tissue extensibility.
*Stretching program for muscle length and flexibility
*Acupuncture or Dry Needling to reduce muscle tightness around the buttock.
*Deep core stability and hip strengthening exercise to stabilise your hip, pelvis and spine.
*Foot orthotics or exercises, if indicated by your physiotherapist or podiatrist, to help restore foot and lower extremity alignment."

I would think because you're a diagnosed MSer and or the coinciding time frame of injecting in to your buttox and when the sciatic type pain started, it's definitely possible for the Piriformis muscle to be the issue....i would suggest you consider seeing your physiotherapist for an assessment and work out the right type treatment plan to help you.

Hope that helps........JJ
Thank you. They were actually 2 different questions. The spinal mri was done in july--they told me I have degenerative disks in spine and neck along with arthritis in my neck.
The injection pain down to leg started about 6 weeks ago. Ibuprofen helps for about an hour and pain is back. Can't sleep thru the night even when talking sleeping pill. My neuro is out until mid November.
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So it's almost been 2 months andy primary dr wants me to see ortho--no appts til after Thanksgiving
I hope the ortho can help, long long wait time when your in a lot of pain though, i'll keep my fingers and toes crossed you finally get an answer and some relief....JJ
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