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I've been having a lot of trouble with my left side.

I've been dragging my left leg even more the last couple of weeks.  Today, we had an absolutely gorgeous day!  My husband gave the sermon at a different congregation, and afterward we decided it was just too beautiful to stay at home.  We took my rolling walker- I have one with pretty big wheels/tires, and we went to a local lake. (Where I live, there are lots of them, so it was nice to pick and choose!)  I've been having more trouble with lifting my leg at hip level, but also with foot drop, so getting down to the lake was a long/difficult task.

It was such a lovely visit.  Happy families.  Lots of ducks, and geese.  Birds o many sorts.  So lovely!  

Then, when it was time to go home- I was struggling to get back to the car.  The entire trip back to the car took about 25 minutes.  It wasn't very far, I just couldn't get my legs (one side is damaged by a different neurological condition, and the other doesn't function right because of MS) to function appropriately.  

My husband was so sweet, and so funny!  He patiently walked with me, and was ready to help me if he needed to.  Once, he looked down at my tires, and they were muddy.  He said that I can tell everybody I went "four-wheeling", and that I had the mud to prove it!  It was so great!   He didn't fuss over me, or to "comfort me" over the sad loss of my mobility.  He simply allowed me to do what I could, and was there if I needed him.  He even made jokes with me.   I know none of you really "know" me, but the thought of me "four wheeling" in any state of health is hilarious!  I kind of an indoor girl...    It was a such a nice ending to a very nice day.  

Now if I could just figure out a way to get my housework done without either of my legs, and without my left arm either...   Any suggestions?  I would love to hear about ingenious inventions- you know the "Wyle E. Coyote" type.  I've checked with ACME, and haven't got anything that will help at this time.


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Yeah see, [insert blowing rasberry at you] i do sometimes know what i'm talking about lol next time go for nice just cooked golden brown toasted and you'll be semi wobbling around like you sweet normal self.

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Ummm Tammy, i think your probably talking about a maid because they are the only way i know to get all your house work done with out legs and only one arm, its either that or a right handed magic wand lol I'd go with the maid, more reliable.

Btw sounds like a nice day down the lake, hubby handled it just the way i like, comedic, aware but not taking over, 10 points to hubby! As for you, your going to be over done toast tomorrow, rest now and leave the house work for another day, it will wait for you.

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Your husband seems to understand how to support you in the perfect way! That's very cool. I'm glad you had a great day :)

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Good morning Tammy!
I'm Tammy too!
I'm in limbo,possible MS so I post over there mostly but I read the post's over here too!

It sounded as if the Lord did bless you with a great day and blessed you with a great hubby.The "four wheeling" was funny and had me giggling.lol
Thankyou for that!
My hubby and son get lots of kicks out of things I say off the wall but they have funny come backs which I know the Lord keeps it fun so I'm not offended at the laughs.LOL

I'm sorry you're having a hard time with leftside and all but I want you to know that I will be lifting you in prayer.
I pray the Lord will restore your energy and please do take it easy today.
The maid idea is good or just have a clean-up get together with some of your closest girl friends.:)

Take care and I'm sending you a big( HUG)

Hugs and blessings,

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Overdone toast!  Perfect!!!   This describes what happened to me exactly.  

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Thanks to all of you for the sweet and supportive comments.  This is such a special place.  

(((Hugs to you all!))),
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It was a beautiful day here and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am not sure about the house cleaning since I am struggling a bit with that as well. Your husband has a very similar sense of humor as mine. I love it! :)

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