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Lesson from My Son

One of my sons is learning disabled.  His story began in kindergarten where he crashed and burned.  I removed him and sent him off to a play kindergarten thinking he needed just another year to grown.  First grade came and the "naughty" reports piled high.  I could not understand it.  He was a good kid and so much more mature than his siblings.  One day I just asked him....What?  What?  What is the problem?  His answer?  "Mom, the kids go into super speed and I just can't get there."

I learned as much as I could about disabilities.  My other sons rarely lifted a book but this little guy had to work.  I knew without discipline he would not have the opportunities afforded his brothers. I was a tough task master.  I wouldn't give an inch.  Night after night we worked.  Many nights of frustration on both our parts.  At times me screaming "FIND A WAY!"  But one line that haunts me most of all today, "I don't care if it takes you three and one half times longer than the average, GET IT DONE."

Those words said so many times and drilled into his mind.  Please I beg for his courage and strength.

(He is now graduated from college, married and seeking a Master's Degree)
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What a wonderful story.I think he was a lucky boy to have had you as a parent.
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Thanks for sharing that - now it is his turn to be proud of you.   Find a way.

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  Good medicine for Mom!  The lesson is even if it takes TWENTY times as long!!!!  I think I am on the road to handling this MS thing!
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Your story touched a chord with me as I have an 18 year old son with Asperger Syndrome and he has had to battle throughout his life, mainly from bullying and the difficulty he has with interacting with his own peer group. However..he has made fantastic progress and is off to a new college in September.

Sometimes we have to look beyond our own challenges to seek inspiration from others and you warmed my heart with your own determination to help him. Tap into this strength to help you with MS and you will surely find your own way.

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