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Looking for your neuro? Try Montreal this week.

I sent an email to my msologist earlier today and very unlike him, I didn't hear back right away.  He is always tied to his blackberry and responds to my questions quickly.  Then it occured to me that this is the Annual CMSC meeting - and over 2,000 MS care providers are in Montreal.  He's out of the country along with most of the MS doctors , MS nurses and therapists from this country.  Their annual meeting alternates between sites in the US and Canada.

If you're curious as to what they have scheduled for the next 4 days, take a look at their program


it will give you a good overview of what the hot topics are this year.  After the program they will post all types of materials from the presentations.

And if you have any urgent MS needs before next Monday, you may need to go to  Montreal to see your doctor.  :-)

stay well,
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Wow.  Interesting subjects will be covered.  Wish I could be a fly on the wall.
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Ohhhh, me too.  Lots of interesting stuff but here's the session that grabbed my attention above all others ---- "MRI: Helpful or Deceiving in Making an Accurate Diagnosis"

So many possibilities!

Anybody notice that most of the allotments to take questions are only 10-15 minutes long?  I guess they don't expect many.  Also wonder if docs go for informal sharing with peers as much as formal presentations.

Thanks for sharing the heads up L.
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I'd really like to hear the informal sharing of ideas.  The formal presentations could be for public consumption and they have to be careful of that.

Yeah, I saw the "MRI: Helpful or Deceiving in Making an Accurate Diagnosis."  Could there be a trend to revive that MS is mostly a clinical diagnosis to be verified or debunked by MRI?

I see that my dear former neurologist is making presentation.  He moved out of state to cut down to a 40 hour work week instead of 80 hours.  

Thanks Lu.
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The great thing about this organization is after the conference concludes, they will post the power point slides for each of the presentaitons .  At least that is what they did last year.  There was a ton of meaty stuff in last year's presentations, which by the way is still available on line.

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