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Hey there friends!  I just wanted to stop by and wish all my friends here on Medhelp a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope that the year 2013 will bring new and better ways to treat this horrible monster called MS and that all Neurologists be sprinkled with a bucketfull of understanding and caring powder that will make them understand how hard it is for ALL of us!

It's gonna be a very lonesome Christmas here for us as all of our friends have now moved back to Newfoundland which is at the other end of the country.  We are grateful to still have my Mom and Brother and his family but it's still going to be a little depressing staying home alone on Christmas Eve.  

I am hope for the best for everyone else though and I hope that Santa is extra good to all of you!

Lots of Christmas Hugs!!

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Hey Rena,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!

Its Christmas eve here already, i haven't wrapped any of the presents or even bought the food yet! lol At least the tree is finally up and DH has removed all the building rubble and no one is going to break their necks now, so its a start lol I'm sure i'll get there in the end but i'll be brunt toast and snoozing under the missel-toe (sp) by the time anyone actually arrives, Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas........JJ
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So good to hear frm you............well join the crowd, we are alone for christmas too!  The children are all scattered across the USA and so we only have each other and time to reflect on all of the good times in the past!

Hoping you too have a good holiday!  Perhaps 2013 will bring some relief from relapses to all of us, we've certainly earned it, but I think all of us have benefited from having our wonderful forum and forum family!
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Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Love Jibs
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Sorry about your friends. I hope you have a nice holiday in spite of it.

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Merry Christmas to you too!
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Wishing everyone a joyous holiday!
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Merry Christmas! I wish you all love, peace, blessings, and fellowship.

Hug , Minnie :)
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Hey, you too, stranger!
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