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MRI Spots

The MRI report said a few spots in the frontal lobe...... I had a cervical spinal mri last week and this was the brain back in July.  I understand no one is diagnosing, many members here have their own opinions, so please! look at the pictures, are they lesions or normal brain stuff? My shingles are awful just waiting ugh....






Thank You!
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Why did you have an mri done?  They often come back with incidental white matter changes that normally aren't related to ms.

The best way to load photos is to go to your user CP and upload the photographs there.  Just make sure there is no identifying information, and recognize that none of us here are trained radiologists and won't really be able to say much.  The McDonald criteria (2010) for ms specifies certain locations that are typical for ms and the frontal lobe is not one of them, so you can likely take a good breath at this point.

Your best bet is to see your neurologist for follow up.  When is your appointment?
Thanks! I have loaded a few in my profile. If you will note, the pics are not of the frontal lobe...the mri report says frontal lobe...I'm not a radiologist or doctor but I do know the difference LOL.

The pics are of the cerebellum. axial and back views.

And I am just waiting for the neuro to call with results of blood work and cervical spine.
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Just checked your posting history; you`ve got a lot going on.  Did you have vitamin D, B12 and magnesium levels checked?

Most of your symptoms are all over; combined with non-specific lesions you likely aren't looking an an ms diagnosis.  However it is obviously complicated and unfortunately this things often take a lot of time.

B12 was 402, so that's good. folate was  9.4 so that's good, they didn't do D, but primary told me to get D3 started and didn't get magnesium that I can see.
And yet symptoms are all over LOL, that is what is having my neuro shake his head.
For good reason.  All over is not typical of ms in the least.  I would get your D level checked before supplementing though .. waste of money if you DON'T need it!  I still can't get mine up to even mid-normal range.
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