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MS AS I am gathering acronyms

I have been hanging around the forum for a few months now and have really appreciated all the advice and amazing stories that are generated by you all. Now, I have few questions and any input would be appreciated....

I just went to a rheumatologist last week. He thinks that I might have ankylosing spondylitis (AS).

I tested positive for the HLA B27 gene marker which helps make the diagnosis. So now they are doing more blood work and a ton of x-rays of various achy numb parts: hands, feet, knees, lower back.

I went to the rheumatologist on a whim, since I was tired of waiting around for my follow up MRI. My original brain MRI was abnormal and pointed toward MS.  It showed several areas of increased T2 signal and black hole appearance in and around the corpus callosum.  However, further testing was inconclusive.  My spinal MRI, evoked potentials and LP were all negative. My neurologist said my dx was probable MS.  So now, I am probable AS as well.  LOL....

Am I going off in too many directions?  Should I just pursue the MS diagnosis and not confuse things with this other possibility?  Should I tell my neurologist about seeing the rheumatologist?  Will that make her drop the possibility of  MS?

Some of my symptoms can't be explained by AS and some can't be explained by MS.  They arrange themselves into a pretty simple venn diagram.  AS would not cause the cognitive problems and facial numbness.  MS would not cause joint problems in my knees, hands and feet. They both could explain eye problems, areas of numbness, bladder issues, spasticity and fatigue. I think both diseases involve inflammation. Are they possibly related?


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they are related in terms of both being autoimmune diseases... some people are just more prone to autoimmune disease. having three or more auto immune diseases earns you a bonus acronym: MAS- multiple autoimmune syndrome.  hopefully it doesnt get to that point! im tired of collecting acronyms myself!
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