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MS and autonomic neuropathy

I read online recently that autonomic neuropathy associated with MS can cause sinus tachycardia on mild exertion/postural tachycardia.  

Does anyone with MS experience sinus tachycardia? (fast pulse rate)

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Hi and welcome to the forum.  You may not realize you have posted this on a  old post that many people may not read.  I hope you will start a new thread and introduce yourself and your situation with MS. I'm sorry you have these problems, but am glad you found us. See you around, Lulu
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I was just recently diagnoses with MS lesions....many of hte classic symptoms, but I also am experiencing tachycarida that is becoming resistant to all the beta blockers....meds to control it.  I too wanted to know if it could be related to the MS.  I also experience the MS Hug symptoms...difficulty breathing and chest pain.  Beth
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I'm sorry, youasked if other people with MS had had sinus tach.  My answer was to reaffirm what you had read.  Autonomic dysfunction is common in MS, thus sinus tachycardia should be a fairly common occurrence.  Sorry, Quix
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The answer to your question is yes.  There is commonly disruption in the autonomic nervous system in MS.  One of the commonest is the difficulty in heat regulation which is partly responsible for the severe heat intolerance suffered by a majority of MSer's.

Here is a link to an abstract.  I do not have the subscription to the service so I couldn't read the full article, but the abstract is very clear.


About 3 years ago, I became irrationally heat-intolerant.  It was okay at home because I lived alone in the northern lattitude and could keep my house as cold as I wished.  But, when I visited my parent's home in the desert in Southern California, I was miserable.  They are in their 80's and very cold-blooded.  I could only strip down so far, and we never could establish a temp that was warm enough for them and cool enough for me.  I was a lousy houseguest and was irritable.  The heat just zapped me of what little energy I had, and I came across as difficult, cranky and lazy.  My Dad really did not accept that I was as uncomfortable as I was and was very disapproving and disappointed in me.  This has been really hard for me emotionally.  I didn't understand my problem either.

The Dx of MS at last shed light on what I what I was going through.  I now use cooling garments and fans to keep my cool.

Simple answer to your question, Yes.

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