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MS oral meds

I have been on Rebif for 8 years but my most recent MRI shoes several new lesions since 2010 and dr wants me to change therapies. I have ruled out going to another type of injection and don't think I should do Tysabri yet. Does any one have experience with switching over to Tecfidera, Aubagio , or  Gilenya ? The new lesions are in the cerebellum and have caused walking and balance issues. Thank you in advance for any advice or info.
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Hi Inovatania -

Corrie and GuitarGirl have provided great info. I'm just here to chime in that I changed from Copaxone to Tecfidera and couldn't be happier. I didn't have any of the nasty GI issues, my Neuro advised to take Acidophilis a couple of weeks prior to start. I will have an occassional flushing, but it is nothing to pains or inconveniences me and I am completely happy with the change.

Good luck to you and kudos for reaching out!
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If I were to go on an oral, I would start with Tecfidera.  The tummy troubles reported with it tend to go away with time.  Gilenya, though is more effective, though folks I know who have tried it say they catch every bug that walks by.  Yuck!  It is effective, though.

Good luck with your switching meds. : )
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Hi there, I am in the process of switching to Tecfidera after a year of Rebif, my first DMD. I switched 7 weeks ago but started having some nasty gastro issues during week 5.

I am back to the starter dose of Tecfidera and will work back up to the full dose much slower this time.

I am still waiting for my next MRI but anticipate more lesions despite Rebif but also don't think I am ready for Tysabri or Gilenya and I know my neuro won't even consider them at this point although a lot of folks here have tried them with success.

Tecfidera seems to be common right now and like the other meds, I have heard good and bad. If I can nip the worst of the gastro issues, it is a nice change from injections.

Good luck with your decision,

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