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Has anyone ever tried Modafinil for fatigue? Results?
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I started this 2 weeks ago...
I am in the middle of another flair so I guess it is not the time to give reviews in the drug...
So far this is my take ... I think I was a little over the moon the  first couple days.. I was already dizzy from this relapse so that may have added to the sensation.

I am extremely thirsty... I drink tons of water.

What I can tell you is it seems to work for me :)
I am not overly alert any more ... I am still tired at night. It gives me more spoons in my day!
Not more time
Not more energy persay
Just more spoons :)

I am a person who can sleep through Ivsm and go to bed with at my kids bedtime every night  so more spoons is fantastic!!!! I am very happy with them so far!!!
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Modafinil is also known as alertec and provigil if you want to search this names as well.
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I use modafinil (200mg in the morning) for MS related fatigue and it works wonders for me.  I take it as early as I can in the morning and without it I am not sure I would be able to continue to work full time.

When using it I feel more alert, sharper and definitely less fatigued.  However the one thing I have noticed is that my appetite completely diminishes.

I had this discussion with a friend of mine recently who also tried it for her MS: She found it to be of no benefit whatsoever and I was shocked.

Again this just goes to show - that not only is MS and its symptoms different for everyone but the ACTUAL treatment for MS and its symptoms can behave differently for everyone too!


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Humm I wonder if I took both mine in am if it would work better?
I take one in am and one at lunch time.

Have you tried different times with yours?

I think once I am over this flair it will help me a lot!!! It is helping me get through this now that's for sure!! It can only get better I am hoping! :)
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I know that the time of day mattered lots with Amantadine, which is used for the same purpose, but is (I believe) chemically/pharmacologically unrelated.  I'm back on it, but only taking one a day, as soon as my feet hit the floor.If I get brave enough to go back to the full dosage, I'll probably begin by taking the second one at or before noon.
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Thanks! for all the comments. My insurance requires prior approval.. so we will see if it is approved. I know I can not continue on with my schedule if I don't have some help.

I find myself teaching from my chair that has wheels... agghhh... I am so tired, especially in the afternoon... its like my body just stops.

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I take 200mg of modafinil first thing in the morning when I get up.  I can take another 1 or 2 tablets if I need them, but my neuro strongly suggests that I do so before noon so it doesn't interrupt my sleep pattern. The thing my PCP really likes abut modafinil is it is NOT habit forming and you don't have to titrate off of them if you decide to stop.  So, sometimes on the weekend I won't take any at all, just to see how I do.

I definitely know I have not taken it by mid-afternoon because the drowsiness sets in big time and I long for a nap.

My insurance initially denied provigil, but my neurologist anticipated that and was able to write the justification for it and quickly (one day later) got that reversed. The grounds for my taking it was for my sleep apnea and not the MS.  Modafinil remains an off-label use for MS, but with the advent of the generic form, it seems to be easier to get approved.  I hope that will be the case for you.

I hope you get the chance to try it and see if it makes a difference for you.

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I as well was denied alertec and they chenaged to Modafinil bc it is cheaper and needs to be tried first (the are the same.. Just cheaper)
My neuro still had to send in authorization papers to have coverage approved. It was no problem for ms related fatigue.

I did try amantadine first which did not help so that could have been helpful in having the Modafinil covered.

Hope it goes though for you!! It is great for me!! :)
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It was approved today! I asked the other day how much it was and it was over $800!!!! I thought they would say 20 or so. That's crazy! I am thankful to try it. I am tired!
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Thanks! They just approved it today.
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I'm glad to hear that is done and now you can see if it works for you.  It does for most people, but not everyone!
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Thanks for posting this thread. Fairly newly dx'd and am just beginning to feel fatigue. I was blaming my tiredness on having a new baby but sadly now, I know it is not the case.

I hope all is well with all of you, you guys are always in my thoughts and not far from my heart.

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Thank you, Lizzie! I feel completely different while taking it. I have energy now. Congrats on the new baby!
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Lizzie,  I wouldn't be so quick to jump to the MS Fatigue explanation if you are also dealing with a new baby.  There are so many changes going on in your life, perhaps some of those are creatingcompounding the fatigue.  Be sure to talk with the doctors and see what you might try - the fatigue can be awful, regardless of the cause.  hugs, Laura
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Thanks for the sweet words and good info, Mommy of NatTyzach!

Sweet LuLu, I'm only jumping on the MS Fatigue bandwagon because the baby is 9 months now and she's really easy. She slept all night since she was 7 weeks, is always happy and tells us what she wants. LOL. She's a super baby :)

However, my naps are seldom but have gone from an hour and a half or so to now, 5- 6 hours. And I still wake up feeling groggy. Work fog starts at 10am now and lasts until I leave at 5. Boo. I so appreciate your advice, you are ALWAYS so helpful to me.

Hope you are all doing well!
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I emailed my Neuro this afternoon and she faxed in an Rx for this medication this evening. At this point, I will take any extra spoon as C referred to it above.
Cheers to All,
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It must be that time of year! I just got my RX for Modafinil yesterday and took 100 mg about an hour ago. Still waiting for special authorizatiin but I suggested to the doc that I had read somewhere probably on this forum that using my sleep apnea for the reason to prescribe it but work easier than for MS since I did not try Amantadine previously.

Good luck to everyone!
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Corrie... U will probably be approved anyway... Our insurance really just wants the paper work to back up the decision usually. :) but either way you have extra justification for it :)

Lizzie... Extra spoons are wonderful! I hope it works well for you!
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I am happy this is working well for you.
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I take it. It's definitely not a miracle pill by any means, Like I was hoping for, but it made it possible for me to get through the work day. I still suffer from fatigue but I can at least make it through the work day. I am however usually ready for a nap when I get home from work though. I take 200mg twice daily.
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I tried it but it didn't work for me.
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How's it working for you? Still is doing good for me. If I take half  of the two hundred I am tired half way through the day, but when I take the two hundred I am able to get through the day.

My insurance had to have prior auth first too! They then approved it. It was either approve it or not being able to make it through the day. I can tell a difference when I do not take it!

Lulu so far so good!!! I am so thankful. I still get tired, but not nearly as bad. Before I was in tears! My daughter has bball a couple times a wk and I just stay after school and work, sometimes I would lay in the floor I was so tired!

Thanks everyone for the advice and encouragement!
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I take 100 mg in the morning.  Some days it works like a charm, other days it doesn't do squat!  I could up the dose to 200/day, like these days when I'm due for my Tysabri....  we'll see if it works.
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Hi! I have tried it a few days but opted to wait for really bad days to take it for now.

My energy levels are better while it is cooler out so I will ikely be taking a lot of it starting in May.

I guess I still have a lot of learning to do with meds. The first day I took it I was so excited and felt good so I totally overdid it and paid for it even while taking it for another couple of days.

I guess it really isn't meant for you to do more while taking it, but doing better with the "normal" stuff and get through the day better.

Lesson learned and I am grateful for any relief it can give on the days that I need it.

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