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Mowing your lawn in 85 degree weather

Hi, ever since my accident and subsequent increase in MS symptoms, back last July, I have not attempted to mow my own lawn.  I have a neighbor, 92 yrs old, God bless him, that mowed my lawn all last season, and this season as well.  However, his health has taken a turn for the worse and he has been unable to mow it for over 2 weeks.  Believe it or not, it really worried him that he couldn't do it.
So, I took it upon myself to mow my lawn this morning, around 11am.  The temperature was 85 degrees, but I figured it wouldn't take me very long, and it is my yard.  We have received lots of rain over the past few weeks, so it was getting pretty high weeds out there.
I went though one tank of gasoline, refilled, and prepared to finish the job.
I was in the back of my house, when I began feeling terrible, I wanted to lay down, but knew my wife wouldn't know where to come look for me.  So, I tried to finish mowing the lawn, and push the mower back to the front of our house.  I didn't have my cell phone on me, yeah I know, shame on me.
I got to my bedroom window, and knocked on it, and told her I needed help, then sat down on the lawn.
She came out, and had me sit a little longer, then took me inside.
I immediately laid down on the floor, for awhile.
It felt like my MS hug, ten times over, my chest still hurts, and that was over 8 hours ago.

If any of you have ever went to have a heart test, whereby you have a choice run on a treadmill or they inject with you with medicine to speed up your heart.  If you have ever taken the injection, you will know what I'm talking about.  It lasts for about 5 minutes, but you feel like you are gonna die.

Well, when I got into the house, after mowing, this felt, at least, twice as bad as that.

I guess I must check this up to lesson learned.  Maybe it was too hot outside or maybe it's just a chore I can no longer attempt, I don't know.

MS sure takes away a lot of things, but mowing a lawn, I didn't think would be one of them.

-- Socrates
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Don't forget - even a cell phone without a SIM card can still call 911.  If you have an old one, keep the charger and keep it charged up - if you're outside walking the dog or something and you need help in a hurry, it's better than nothing.
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I can totally relate. I live with my sister and we've always taken turns mowing. When I was diagnosed, my nurse mentioned giving up things like mowing but I didn't really think that was necessary. I have mowed twice this year....and I have vowed that last time was just that - the last time I will mow. It was incredibly hot and I could barely walk when I was done. I felt so weak it was unbelievable.

I feel so guilty. It just ***** to not be able to do the things I've always done and I hate sticking my sister with this chore, but what choice do I have? I have realized it's not good for me and I have to respect that.
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How are you feeling today? ((hugs)) I hope you are feeling better. They need to invent a lawn mower that works on it's own, like the roomba vacuum LOL Then you can set it out and sit in the shade with a cold drink as you watch it mow :-)

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I think one of the hardest things with MS is accepting when we are beaten and can no longer do something.

So be positive you are not admitting defeat but taking action to help yourself and that is a strength. The mowing can ....and will have to be done by someone else.

Only you can take charge of managing your own symptoms and acknowledging that you have control of this.  Take care of yourself..you are worth it.


Sarah x
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Very true, and yes, I did get scolded about not having my cellphone with me, by my wife.

I figured I was going to be mowing, and since that is a loud noise, I wouldn't hear it.
I failed to realize, that if I was in trouble, the mower would turn off (if I let go), then there would be no noise, when I called for help.  For some reason, that thought just didn't dawn on me.  Usually, I do always carry my cellphone with me, especially outside, when I'm alone.  Thanks again.

-- Socrates
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You made another good point here - carry your cell phone when you are out doing things away from other people.

I went picking cherries in a neighbor's yard this afternoon and made a point of being sure I had my phone in my pocket.  I always carry it when I go walking ---- we never know when we might get in trouble and need to call for help.
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Thank you for your quick response, and you are correct.
I learned my lesson, someone else will have to do my lawn mowing.

Take care and God bless.

-- Socrates
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You know that feeling you have when you had the stress test done with the injection?  That is a feeling that should NEVER be ignored.  NEVER EVER.  Please, if you have that again, you should dial the squad -911- and be transported to the nearest medical facilty to be checked.

The fact that your chest still hurts is also troublesome.

If you had the stress test done, obviouslly your doctors were alredy concerned about a cardiac issue.  This episode today could very well be cardiac in origin and not MS.We can have a heart attack and survive without medical intervention.  The picture we have of grabbing our chest and dropping to the ground is a SCA (sudden coronary arrest) and the heart stops.  With a heart attack, the heart does not stop pumping but is being damaged during the event.

Mowing in the heat is almost as stressful for the heart as the dreaded shoveling snow.  Please start looking for a neighborhood kid or kind person to cut for you.  

take care and if the pain continues at least call your doctor.

'be well,
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