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Muscle Strength?

Hi, as I had posted previously, I went thru PT for 4 months from Sept-Dec. And started PT again in April and added on OT in May.

For my last PT appt another therapist was working with me because mine was out. My therapist is also the manager there. She said she wanted her to do my evaluation again to see if I've reached my goals. At the start, my upper extremities strengths were about 3/5 and lower extremities range from 2/5-3/5.

My upper extremity strengths are now 3+/5. And they told me that I don't have to go anymore since I've met my goal. I was like, "What?!" How can this be? They only put my goal that I needed to improve to 3+/5 for upper extremity strength? However, I'm still not there for side to side neck and for my shoulder stabilizers. She just said that they can talk to OT and add that on, for her to work on with me.

AND there were no goals set for my lower extremities. She said that they're not going to review my lower extremities because there aren't any goals set. I remember my PT therapist saying that she wasn't going to put any goals for my lower extremities regarding pain, because it hasn't gone away, since when I started back in Sept. But I didn't know that she wasn't going to make any goals for my lower extremity strengths. I think they're basically saying, that I'm not going to improve, so they're not pursuing any work in that area.
Sorry this is so long. I just feel kind of hopeless. :-(
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I'd love to click "Like" on all of your comments. Each of you bring up very good points. Yes, I agree that with MS, PT will never be done, because your MS is going to be progressing. And maybe insurance has something to do with the amount of PT sessions. Also agree, that most times you may not be able to progress...but rather just try to maintain what you have.

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Don't forget that PT is there to help you function with what you have. It's not necessarily there to help you regain your strength. I know it's depressing to think you're not going to get your strength back. But all the weightlifting in the world won't make a muscle that's improperly innervated start working again.

All that being said, there's still plenty of chances to improve your mobility through PT. Definitely ask for more PT and find out from the clinic what they recommend.
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It has more to do with your insurance. Some PTs are afraid of going over a certain amount of sessions because of fraud. I am sure your doctor could order more. They way the insurance thinks about it is you get so many sessions the you take a break. Then you show decline and then you get more sessions. I would still fight it.

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Hi Kelly -

I'm not sure how you came to this particular PT practice. It could have been from your doc, a list from you insurance company...In any case I would look for a different one :-)

In my head you are never "done" with MS related PT. Unlike knee surgery or hip replacement, where there is a one time injury to rehab, MS progresses. When you bring yourself back to even, MS advances and you have to keep going.

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