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My promised update

I have Optic Neuritis.
It started Sunday, I woke up with my left eye feeling "weird". It was puffy
but not swollen. My face also felt a tad tingley. I ignored it like I do
all my other symptoms.
Monday the puffyness was gone, but a little blurriness set it.
Tuesday I had some quick light flashes.
Wednesday at 4 am I woke up with stabbing pain. It was killer!
I called my eye doc and got an appointment for late afternoon.
The pain subsided but a headache was there with nausea and sensitivity to
the light.  The doctor dialated my eyes and found that the optic disc
was swollen.
He seems to think this will wrap up my diagnosis.
I am off to the neuro- opth tomorrow at 2 pm.
I quit going to my doctors for almost a year. I was just fed up.
So now I have wiped my shirt sleeves and am off for round 2.
I am scared, but prepared. I have learned the ins and outs of this
disease and will be strong :) thanks to my world wide forum MS family!!
I will inform tomorrow what the doc says about
the course of action for me.
So close :)
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i will send "strong vibes" your way.  prayers for health, strength and peace.
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I'm sorry to hear that you are having a bout of O.N. but happy that you have an appointment set up so quickly with Neuro-Opth.  I think you are right...this may indeed be enough to clinch your diagnosis.  Of course, I don't want anyone to have a diagnosis of MS, but know that you want a name associated with all your problems, so you can get on with your life.

I will be waiting to hear what the Neuro-Opth will say.  Please keep us updated.  Remember that we are here with alot of soft shoulders to lean on.

You are in my prayers sweetheart....

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I will be thinking of you tomorrow - I sure hope the neuro-opth gets it right for you.

we're here if you need us!

as always.
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Standing by too, Cyn.

Good luck tomorrow.  Atta girl, and keep those heels dug in, and sleeves rolled up!

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I hope you get your answer.

Thinking of you tomorrow.

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