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My toes twitches terribly?

Guys,when I split my toes, there terribe twitches happen , also I have terrible back and neck pain and I hear sounds come from them like electric impulses are running in there, I wake every morning with severe headache and eye pain and they continue all the day, in fact I feel pain all over my body but these are most annoying ones
I also have sleep issues, IBS and severe sinusitis, can any of these cause the first symptoms I mentioned at first?
My uncle had M.S so that's why I'm concerned about it
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Hi and welcome,

Uncles, Aunts, cousins or grandparents, dx with MS are less likely to have any bearing on your situation, there are only a slightly higher odds when it's a parent or sibling dx-ed, the further removed you are genetically from the dx person the lower the odds again. It's actually more common to be the only person dx in a family, MS is not known to be an inheritable condition, MS can run in families but it's not common like many of the other autoimmune conditions are.

Q: I also have sleep issues, IBS and severe sinusitis, can any of these cause the first symptoms I mentioned at first?
A: IF you have something like a structural spinal issue eg degenerative disc disease, pinch nerve, arthritis, cervical spondylosis etc etc it could possibly account for the toe twitching, back and neck pain, and some spinal issues can also cause audio issues like tinnitus too but it's possible your severe sinusitis is the cause of your sleep issues, morning headache, eye pain as well the audio issue....

Nothing you've mentioned would typically be suggestive of a neurological condition like MS, i suggest you see your physician for a general check up and discuss the issues you're dealing with every day.

I hope that helps....JJ
Thank u so much, you've been so helpful
I know that I should see a doctor but actually I see many doctors every month and non of them helped me relieve the pain or even give me a specific diagnosis
Now I take alot of vitamins and pain killer to make me able to just walk
Thank u for your answer, May God give M.S patients and all patients in the world strength and healing
Thank you again
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