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Need Suggestions For Radiologist for Second Opinion - Soon!

Hey MSers and Limbolanders,

I have an appointment on November 1 with my neuro to go over my new MRI films and I did the math:  800 different views on my MRI films and 10 minutes that the neuro spends with me per appointment = not enough time to review the films.  My neuro will just read the current radiologist report which I have already seen and feel is totally misleading and invalid.

The radiologist concludes "there is no abnormal signal on the cord" - yet I can clearly see that several views on my spinal MRI reveal bright, well-demarcated blips (lesions?) on the cord.    So I need to find another radiologist (maybe one on the Internet who could just read views that I could send via the MRI CD) to give another opinion on my new MRI films - so I can walk into my neurologist's office with a radiology report that more accurately assesses what is present on the film.  

Since my neuro is likely just going to believe and go with whatever is written on the radiology report, I need a report that contradicts, or at least puts into question, the current inaccurate radiology report on those films.

Does anyone know of a radiologist who offers such a service via the Internet or even one to whom I could mail films and get another opinion?    This is my only hope of getting my neuro's attention regarding my possible MS!!

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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sorry I don't know of any??  Look it up online though...it might come up with Drs that work online?

good luck with the appt too

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If you have a local radiology group (many hospitals outsource to these groups nowadays) you can call them up to see if they will re-read your scan; I considered doing this with my scan.  I'm sure you can find a radiologist who will read it again, however, I'm not too sure this will be covered by insurance.

Good Luck.
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Thanks!  I'll look in the phone book.

I know that many hospitals use an online group called "Nighthawk" to read late-night radiology films.  Those guys could be on the opposite side of the world, reading and reporting on your after-hours emergency films, sending the reports immediately to your local hospital.  Amazing!!

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I found out there is an online radiology group!  Have not yet contacted them, but will.  Looks like they may only read for medical groups/hospitals.  Interesting!  NightHawk and DayHawk.  

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