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Need help with results could this mean possible ms?

I was in the hospital for numbness of feet and private areas I had MRI of Brian and that came back normal they also did a spinal tap and my csf protein was 54 also had white blood cells at 17 my csf myelin basic protein showed at 11.7 cause this still be Ms even with a normal MRI?
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I just want to add -- given the reason you went to the ER (the specific areas of numbness), I'm surprised that you didn't have imaging done of the spine.

A brain mri wouldn't be the first place I'd look for damage with leg and private area numbness.  Was there no mention of cspine or tspine mris being done?
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I had MRI of spine and neck and came back normal
Did you visit your doctor again? any clue on your Issue?
Still waiting for the rest of my results to come back I had one come back yesterday of the csf culture and it said gs rare white blood cells and no bacteria seen
Tiffy, i think that might be the Gram Stain which is usually a culture related to bacterial or sometimes fungal infections.

IF it is, 'no bacteria seen' means there was no bacterial infection present or that there were not enough bacteria present in the sample to be seen with the stain under a microscope and generally a negative result BUT when white blood cells are detected that actually means its positive....

I honestly don't know anything more than that sorry.....JJ
My other test on my csf showed 3 oligoclonal bands
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Hi and welcome,

The LP is not an exclusive test, your test result 'combined' can really only point towards or away from different types of conditions, and keep in mind that ranges can vary from lab to lab and slight increases may still be withing normal ranges depending on the labs testing range....your doctor is the best interpreter of all your test results!

Elevated CSF protein is commonly associated with infections and a lot of different types of inflammatory conditions but it is also associated with multiple sclerosis along with intracranial hemorrhages,  Guillain Barré syndrome, sarcoidosis, malignancies, some endocrine abnormalities, certain medication use etc etc  

White blood cells are again commonly associated with infections and inflammation conditions, if it's significantly elevated they usually run a WBC differential breaking it down further to count the number of lymphocytes, monocytes and, in neonates, neutrophils.

Myelin basic protein (MBP) is found in the material that covers your nerves, MS is the more common cause for the break down in myelin but its also caused by Infection of the central nervous system, bleeding of the central nervous system, trauma to the central nervous system, stroke and some brain diseases eg encephalopathies

Also keep in mind that when it comes to LP test evidence and MS, the most suggestive/consistent results are the oligoclonal bands (Obands). Obands are also proteins but called immunoglobulins and when present, these proteins indicates inflammation of the central nervous system. 2-4+ Obands may be a sign of multiple sclerosis.....

But diagnosing MS is not by any singular test, when combined all your diagnostic test evidence; neurological clinical signs, medical history, symptom pattern etc that is abnormal ( suggestive/consistent) will point towards the 'most likely' causation.....IF you don't have the 'most' suggestive/consistent MS diagnostic evidence eg brain and or spinal cord lesions, 2-4+ Obands, abnormal neurological clinical signs, symptom type, pattern etc etc neurological conditions like MS would be low on your potential causes list compared to other conditions that also produce the abnormal diagnostic evidence you have.

The only way i can answer your question is to say MS would 'not' be at the top of your potential causes list, the door would definitely be wide open for your combined evidence to be more suggestive/consistent with something else instead, pinning it down beyond that honestly requires your neuro and a lot more test results..

Hope that helps......JJ
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