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Neuro won't order T-spine just C-spine?

Just wondering if I could get some input....have had the MS workup and so far all tests are negative (LP, Brain MRI, bloodwork for mimics), but neuro did not order MRI of my spine until my follow-up appt last week.  My doc prescribed nortriptyline thinking it may help me not be quite so "hypersensitive" to my symptoms.    

She only ordered for c-spine and said there is no medical reason to do my t-spine?  If I am having symptoms in my lower extremities isn't that reason enough or am I mistaken?  I don't want to have to go back later and why not do it for a baseline while my symptoms are fairly mild?  
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Hmm, if she is trying to rule out MS, every reason in the world to order both.  I'd hold out for both......and ask her reasoning why.  I can't buy "no medical reason" if she's to r/o.........

Keep at her............
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I just had my first c-spine and t-spine and I was diagnosed in 2009. I had 5 brain MRIs but no others until now. My MS Specialist said it was not medically necessary and the insurance would not pay for them.

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Definitely push for cervical and thorasic spinal cord. My first lesion was identified in my thorasic cord which was affecting my legs. I find it strange that they are not doing this, ask before you go and get this. Good luck
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Spoke w/my neuro today and she says because my LP was negative for bands and my MRI of my brain was "boring" that she sees no reason to do my T-spine at this time.  I find this ridiculous because most of my symptoms are  in my R leg/foot.  

Thank you all for your input.  

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Sound like you need to find another doctor.

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