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Number of lesions.. anyone with MRI pics

Hi again,   I have just received my MRIs on disc and was having a little tour around my poor old brain.  

I am not diagnosed but am awaiting a second opinion in two weeks.

I 'decided' as a lay person that it didn't look too bad compared to some I have seen.  

Then, I think it was Mae1 posted a pic that looked pretty much like one that I have.   I would be interested to  see anyones MRI if they have them posted.  I have one very obvious lesion in the periventricular white matter adjacent to the right temporal horn and quite a few smaller ones scattered peripherally about in the cerebral hemispheric white matter.   I also have a linear altered signal intensity in the pons.  

I hope someone will put me on the right track to check out other MS MRs

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I have quite a few MRI pics posted on my profile - on 1.5, 3 and 7T machines.  

You can also find a great assortment of different pics in the 184 page MRI Atlas of MS Lesions-


A good example of Dawson fingers  and periventricular lesions  is my very own MRI at

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Sorry about the photos ,  I sent you a friend request  so you see my photos way down there..

I would sure trade weather with you in a few months

Take care Johnniebear
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Thanks for allowing me to peep inside your brain!!!   I notice that you have a lesion on your pons the same as I do.   As I said above I am very surprised about how different all the MS lesions appear.   I found some marked as lesions that I could barely see and of course others are quite clear.

I had put all these investigations (and abnormal findings)  aside for a while but I am approaching a second opinion in a couple of weeks so have been popping it to read the posts.  

I feel that my symptoms have all lessened in the past couple of months  although the horrible violent jerking when I lie down is still there.  Sometimes it is like an electric shock (like one violent shake, over and over again) and other times it makes my whole body spasm uncontrollably for up to 10 seconds.


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Thanks for commenting.   "Down here" is starting to really warm up now.  My husband keeps telling me the pool is warm enough though I am not convinced.  I  checked on your profile and it says that you have 25 photos but then under that is says 'no photos'.    Perhaps they have been omitted somehow.  

I was really surprised by the variety of lesions that are classified as MS.   I had almost convinced myself that I was seeing things on my MRIs and then I saw so many just like mine.  
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I have some MRI pics on my profile.

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Hello down there.

I posted a picture of my spinal cord lesion,  as far as the brain lesions the Dr has shown  those to me,  but I still can't  find them on the CD,  I just don't know what I'm looking at

take care.

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Just Googled images for lesions and found what I wanted.......or didn't want to see.   There were so many different looking lesions which surprised me.  I guess I just sit back and wait the two weeks til I see the second neurologist.  

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