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OT-MEMORIAL DAY.....A Thank You.....

On the Memorial Day, amongst the activities, I would like to thank all of you , whether it be a spouse, mother , father brother, sister, aunt, or uncle , niece or nephew or just a friend who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend our country's freedom. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There isn't a greater sacrifice one could give to their country!

With heartfelt wishes of thanks,
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Well said!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who serve!

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Thanks, Ren, for doing this post.

My father, 88 years old, is a WWII Vet.  He was due to participate in the Honor Flight to Washington DC yesterday, to visit the memorials.  This is a great group and if you aren't familiar with them, I would recommend you check out their website - honorflight.org

This group's goal is to take all WWII vets to the WWII memorial in DC- They are dying at a rate of 1,000 per day. There is no charge for the program and is just one small way to thank our vets.  

The honor flight group will also take any vet with a terminal illness to DC to see the memorials.  After they are done with the WWII vets, they plan on moving on to do the same with Korean War and then the Vietnam vets.  It is quite the program.

Thanks to all of our Vets and everyone actively serving our country.  

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I  have two son's ,  both serving our nation.

Both have been deployed.

They are my wife's & mine hero's ... never a complaint from them about serving.

Thanks to all that serve our nation.

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I'll look into that organization Laura.  It sounds wonderful.  I was a (small) contributor to the WWII Memorial Fund.  I can't believe how many years passed with no permanent memorial for WWII.  I was so glad when they included both military and civilians who sacrificed since it truly was a united national effort.

I add my thanks to all those serving presently and to the families who are holding things together on the homefront so our soldiers can concentrate on the tasks assigned them.  The sacrafice our service members make is a daily one that we can never repay except by living our country's founding principals.

You have raised fine sons John.  I thank them and you.

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Thanks to Vets and everyone actively serving.
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Our local community regularly  sends groups of WWII veterans to the Memorial. It is a honor deserved long before now. I know my Dad would have been proud to visit the memorial had his health been better.

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Lost Dad in '82 at age 61.  I hope to visit his grave this week.  Couple hours from here, more or less.  He served in North Africa, Italy, and (so he told us) some other places he wasn't allowed to talk about.  He was awarded a Bronze Star; somewhere my sibs & I should still have a picture of Gen. Mark Clark pinning it on his chest.

God bless all of you vets reading this, as well as all the others, and the families of vets from every generation of Americans.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." -- Thos. Jefferson, in a letter to W.S. Smith dated November 13, 1787.
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I just wanted to make note of how appreciated every Thank You here is.  I didn't personally get to contribute directly to the overseas effort but I was stationed on bases at home and prepared to go when called.

At the time, I was more often cursed at and spit upon than anything.  It was about ten years after discharge before I heard the first Thank You.  I guess if I was pure enough it wouldn't matter but I still can't tell you how much it matters to hear those words almost 35 years later.

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