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PCP was confused.

I saw my PCP today for lower leg pain (I fainted and fell a month ago and fractured a small part of the fibula), anyway my shin pain hasn't gotten any better. He said it would take awhile.

I mentioned to him that I have a neuro appt. on the 31st. He said: 'Are you still having spells?" ....uh, yes, and they're not 'spells', it's EVERY single day!  

I told him about the weird feeling in my lower legs when I lay down. (they disappear, as if my brain doesn't even register them, it's really freaky).

He looked at me like I was nuts and said: "That doesn't make sense." Then he said, "Well, I hope it makes sense to the neurologist."

I asked this same question on here a couple of days ago...

Does anyone having that feeling like their legs aren't there anymore?

Anyway to get that feeling to go away?
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Thank you so much you two. I had NO idea there was a term for this. I have been looking on google for a few months now...could never find anything. I obviously should have used better search words.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!  =)
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That's an interesting concept - I'm trying to picture not feeling my legs.  If you do have MS and start taking a DMD, there is always the chance that this would improve, somewhat, if the lesions have the chance to patch themselves.

It is also possible to follow the pattern of relapsing-remitting and go into a remitting phase where you would feel your legs again.

sorry about the broken leg and the clueless PCP.

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Oh yeah.  Take a look at proprioperception on the web - you'll find a lot of information.  Basically there's a bundle of nerves (I think it's the dorsal column, but don't quote me)  that tells you where your legs are.  If there's damage to that bundle, then your legs disappear - in varying degrees.
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