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Shortly after having my 2nd son, my eye hurt when moved-3 eyedoctors/neuros checked for optic neuritis and was not present. Then I had a tingling foot (still have for 2.5 years) and what I consider mild weakness in both legs and have had 3 brain MRI with contrast and cervical spine-all normal. Neuro also ran 2 evoked potentials test and both normal. The most recent EMG indicated that I had nerve damage in both feet and led them to believe I had an issue in my lower spine. They did an MRI of my lumbar and found bulging disc at L4/L5 and S1 nerve root displacement. They believe this is the cause of my foot issues. They have told me many times I do not have MS but I am still so worried I am be in that 5%. I have seen 3 different neurologists. I am very scared of having MS. Can someone convince me that I don’t have it or am not part of the 5% with “normal” MRIs yet have it?
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Hi, from my understanding of the medical opinions, test results and your anxiety you've mentioned experiencing still, the problem you're having seems to be more likely related to the amount of anxiety you have regarding your health.

Keep in mind IF the original investigations into a neurological conditon like MS has triggered something like health anxiety, thats not typically the type of anxiety that can ever be reasurred for long by specialist opinions, test results, alternative diagnosis etc etc because health related anxiety is a legitimate medical condition that requires its own type of sspecialists and treatment plan.

I would recommend you redirect your attention towards getting all the help you can for your health anxiety and that should help get you moving in the right direction of becoming convinced that youre not dealing with a neurological condition like MS.

Hope that helps......JJ
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Hi!  I understand your concerns...do you still have the eye pain?  I think you can be confident that you don't have optic neuritis if you have been cleared by 3 doctors.  Considering your findings on your spine MRI's, you might find it helpful to see an Ortho/Spine specialist for confirmation that your symptoms match up with spinal issues.  
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Thank you for your response. Should I also be confident that I don’t have MS? How can you have MS with all normal brain/cervical spine/lumbar spine scans done multiple times for the last 2.5 years? I am told by my neurologists and my family to let it go and trust the lumbar findings. No eye pain

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