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Pastor Dan......

How did everything go with your LP?  We haven't heard from you and are concerned about you.  Maybe you are too busy kissing that new wife of yours.  Congatulations again.

Please let us know how things are going in your life and how everything went.  

We care...and we all send big hugs,

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Got postcard from neuro's office saying all tests were normal; naturally I called to request full reports.  Replying to my query about where we go from here, his secretary called back to say we'll likely get an MRI update once it's been a year (which would be 90 days from now).  She's checking with my insurance carrier to see when they'd go for another one.
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Yes I would have to say  you have had your hands full. I pray that your family gets well soon. Please let me know how all of you are feeling and which flu your family has.  

Thank you for writing to me even though you are so very busy. It is great to hear from you. If you need to talk I am a good listener.

It is late here and I have taken my medications and now I am drowsy.  Keep in touch as time permits.

God Bless you,
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Well, thank you all for your concern and well-wishes.

We had a lovely wedding Friday evening with a good crowd, followed by a wonderful getaway (www.HockingHills.com; one of our favorite places on earth) that was a bit shortened by Tim's illness -- which Nancy promptly caught after we came home to care for him.  Flu-like symptoms, & around here the medical authorities aren't bothering to test anyone; they're assuming that anyone with flu-like symptoms has H1N1.  Could it be that I didn't get it because I had my regular seasonal flu shot?  No, that was the day before the wedding.  They tell us that the vaccine has to be in us, what, 3 or 4 weeks before we build immunity?  I don't know why I haven't gotten sick, but I am giving thanks.  I've gotten a flu shot every year since the mid 1990s; perhaps there's some effect from all those antibodies combined?

I am also giving thanks over the LP.  Nuttin' to it, really.  A little stick when she numbed me, some gentle pressing, and in the days following, a couple of fleeting sensations in the back that felt like bruises.  Might have felt a tiny twinge of head pain once, but if so, that was it.  I pushed myself to guzzle fluids before & after (water, mostly), and tried to take things easy the rest of Tuesday, but really wasn't able to crash like I wanted because Nancy was so sick.

Oh, then Tim got sick again and had to come home from school, and when Nancy went back to work on Thursday, she got sick again too, in short order.  What a week, huh?

Results expected toward the end of next week.

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I was wondering the same - I  know they had the flu and hope they are recovered by now.

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Wow, I have really been out of the loop lately...nursing school has kept me so busy, but CONGRATS TO PASTOR DAN!!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

I hope the LP went okay, too.
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