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Problems with squatting and bending over

For some reason squatting and bending over seem to really aggravate the weakness in my legs. Does anyone know why this might be? Or if there's anything that can be done about it?

I tried to plants some seeds in my vegetable garden the other weekend and it took me close to an hour to do ten feet. And I spent more time sitting down and resting and trying to recover enough strength to stay upright long enough to do something than I spent actually working.

Any ideas about how I can manage to do anything in the garden? I tried a short stool last summer, but it had the same sort of effect as the squatting and was hard to get up from. I am considering trying to find something higher to sit on while bending over more, but I haven't been able to come up with any other ideas.

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After 36 years with MS I am afraid my gardening days have ended. But a few years ago when I still could, my modus operendi involved a regular two step foldout stool---which was exactly the right higth to sit on---and to use to push up on with my upper arms when I needed to stand up. it was GREAT! it was also kind of good to use as an aid to walk aound with. highly recommended. Jane
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Thanks for the tips. I'll look at the garden supply sites. I hate to spend a lot of money on something that doesn't work, but if there's something that looks promising, my husband can probably rig up something similar. I am just afraid that even on a higher seat, I'll still have the bending over problem.

Deborah, I'm sorry to hear that you're in the same boat. I am now very careful to tie my shoes really well if I am going to walk any distance because if I have to bend down to tie them, it's a huge setback for my endurance.

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I have the very same problem.  when I bend over, the front of my legs down to my knees get sooooooo weak.  I asked the physical therapist about this and he said it is very common for ms.  it is very frustrating.  i hope you find something to help.
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Take a search via google  - enter ADAPTIVE GARDEN EQUIPMENT and read all the great ideas of ways to adapt your own equipment for gardening.  There are  also plenty of websites willing to sell you these items too.

The best job I ever had was working in a greenhouse- I've never met a grumpy gardener, that are all happy, optimistic people.

happy gardening,
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I've seen something in garden catalogs that might work. If you put it in one position it's for kneeling on. Turn it over and it's a stool. And it has high side handles to help with getting up and down.

Anyone remember what this is called?

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