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Professional Opinion of my CT Scans

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone is willing to look at my CT scans and tell me if I should go get an MRI. When I got these done, I went to the ER because of many reasons(shaky vision, pain behind/on top of left eye, swollen eye, left side of neck swollen, onslaught of pins and needles in my back, sharp pain in ribs and heart area, sore/stiff back especially surrounding whole spine, sore/stiff neck, strong tingles on right side of my skull, left leg vibrating for multiple hours, overall weakness, fatigue, and I might be forgetting some). Most of these "symptoms," I've had for years, acquired at different times, but I've never had them "go to war" with my body at the same time like that. It was real strong for 3 days and then quieted down a little, although I'm still feeling lingering effects now, a week later. It was also happening(dull) for about a week beforehand. I felt something kind of like this, although not as bad, about 2 1/2 months earlier. I don't know if it's related, but I also suffer from off-and-on depression(3 years) and stress/anxiety(4-5 years). All of which, along with exhaustion and fatigue, have been pretty bad over the past 6 months.

I'm really just asking for an opinion on what to do. I feel lost in all this and am hesitant on calling a neurologist in fear of being turned away. The CT scans and X-rays were not done by a neuro. In fact, they never consulted a neuro at all, in spite of me asking for one. I have the DICOM files and can send them to you if you are open to viewing them. And if not, I would still appreciate your opinion regardless. I may have left some stuff out, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank You
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I'm terribly sorry, medhelp has disbanded all of the professional medical opinion forums (from June 2015), they still look active but they are now bleeding any questions that come up over there into any of their patient communities.

Unfortunately this is going to cause confusion and yes frustration but it is out of our hands, sorry for the inconvenience!


btw in case you are not aware, your question actually ended up in the MS community
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Hi there. We are just patients here, so we don't have 'professional opinions' regarding tests, etc. However, I can tell you that if you're wondering about MS, CT scans won't be helpful. MRIs are the way to go, and are the only imaging evidence acceptable for diagnostic purposes.

Have you consulted your primary doctor? I think that's a needed step. Depression, stress and anxiety can cause many physical symptoms, and possibly you're in need of medication for these. Your primary should give you a good overall physical exam and also have blood work done for vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems, Lyme disease and other common disorders that can cause some of your symptoms. He or she can also refer you to a neuro if that seems indicated.

Most of what you mention can be seen in MS, though the swelling issues have me puzzled. And since MS is far from the only condition with many of these symptoms, getting started ruling them in or out is important. An ER is not the place to do this--their purpose is to patch you together and send you on your way, with or without a recommendation to see some sort of specialist.

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