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Hi all,
I'm in the middle of tests for MS and booked in for all sorts of fun tests including an EVP..as far as I'm aware my EVP is the somatosensory one.

I know VEP is the more common one to help confirm diagnosis but does anyone know if SEP is just as helpful?

My neurosurgeon,GP, and neurologist are all on the same page at last it seems and think it''s possible MS

sincerely hope they are wrong but after ten years an answer is an answer I guess

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Hi fellow ozzie and welcome to our little MS community,

EVP's measures the time it takes for nerves to respond to stimulation, the VEP is suppose to have abnormal stats of around 80% in MS, the SEP i don't recall the stats of but it's not uncommon as an added value test but the SEP in general is not very specific to causation.

Basically if an SEP is abnormal it could be due to many different conditions with either peripheral or central nervous system signs, so the SEP is 'helpful' but not as 'helpful' in gathering MS diagnostic evidence as the VEP is but don't forget no single test is conclusive and it's basically the totality of your suggestive or consistent abnormal test evidence eg MRI's, LP's, clinically abnormal exam results, symptom type and pattern etc that is used to dx MS.

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Hi ,
Ok fair enough and thank you for the welcome
It's one test of many it seems so that makes sense.
Blood tests been done
MRI brain and spine is the 15th
Nerve conduction and EVP on the 20th

So nice frustrating limbo land a little longer,waiting game
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Hi K -

The diagnostic journey can be a little long and frustrating. Try and take deep breaths and ask us lots of questions :-)

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When I see the acronym EVP, it makes me think of 'electronic voice phenomenon' in paranormal fields lol. Completely off topic but hey that is my brain for you!

All the best,

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Hahaha thankyou barb that is so appropriate!! quite sure im going to feel like an alien with things glued  to my head anyway lol :P
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Thank you kindly I shall keep updating and asking questions.Cant believe I might be close to getting a proper diagnosis,My last wrong diagnosis was a pretty little box of hope all tied up with a bright red bow labelled "you're spine is stuffed but there is an option for surgery" .Spinal issues are very minor so yep back to nasty nerve culprits again,Was angry for a while but it's been ten years of various wrong diagnosis including psychiatrist consults so used to the frustration I guess
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