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Hi Everyone!
It's me again with a different thread.  Okay, when you have a problem with Lhermittes sign, is it always a sharp electric shock feeling, or can it also be an electric like current that goes down you neck or down your arms.  It almost feels sometimes like, RLS, only in the upper part of body instead, only it's a pulsing current like feeling, but similar to that same RLS creepy crawly feeling. It's not a violent electric current, but a mild one, like theres a little electric juice running through your body.  I seem to get this when I get up from a chair, look down or turn my head right or left.  Thanks a bunch!   Sandie
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I have something similar, but it's in my spine, not my neck.  When I stretch and arch my back, my legs will go weak - sometimes they fold under me.  Fortunately this has always been at the couch, so I end up falling on the couch.
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I asked my neuro if the sensation I experience was a form of L'Hermitte's and wasn't given a firm answer ,just a response that with MS, anything is possible. When I bend my neck down I have this weird dis-coordination of my hands and arms. It includes decreased sensation ,for instance I have cut my fingers while cutting vegetables due to the coordination issue , yet didn't feel it.

Does anyone have this? BTW, Cervical MRI does NOT show any compression issues.

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Mine is subtle and is quite different.  I get a vibrational, jello-like feeling in the front of my left thigh.  My MS neuro didn't think it was too weird to call L'Hermitte's.

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I get an electric current all the way down my spine to the tips of my toes.  
It is rarely a sharp electric zap and mine generally stays near my spine and shoots down.  

I am sure you will hear of others who have different sensations from their L'Hermitte's.

Best wishes to you
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