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Schedule for Week of March 16th

So, what's going on with you this week?

For all the newcomers:  this thread is for all of us to list what is happening this week that we want others to know about.  This is one of the ways we keep tabs on our family to give them support when they need us.

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Went to my first visit with the ms specialist. It went good I will start on Copaxone.
Today I went to PT and found out that my left leg is now acting up.
Will go to Bible Study Wednesday night.
Friday I will go to PT again.

Hi everyone
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I have to go to the lung specialist Thursday. I been all my own for weeks now. My hubby is in KY. He is dues home Thursday or Friday.
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Wednesday - audio testing and VNG
PT- Wed and Fri

Other than that I will be enjoying a week not filled with doctor appts.

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Retest low magnesium Tuesday
Family and friends visiting Tuesday-Wednesday
Thursday EMG and or NCS

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Let's see- hmmmmmmmmm

not one but two heart caths for DH - who is now ok, I trust
Wednesday I have acupuncture scheduled for the second time
Friday morning is my 4 month follow-up with my cardio - plan to discuss lots of things  -here's hoping we don't run out of time
Friday afternoon - massage therapy - will be well timed after the week its been so far.

This is the beginning of all the rechecks for me with every specialist except the neuro - from my 7 appts in January - the doctor appts last until mid-April.  And then I will also have a few tag alongs with DH to his cardio for the first few times.  

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Waiting for appt w/ENT on Friday to test my hearing.  Hopefully he can help me understand the vertigo, tinnitus, and temorary hearing loss I've been experiencing.

Thinking good thoughts for all of you as you go through your week!
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I have an appt with my new neuro on Thursday to read my MRI's and blood tests.  I haven't had either in a couple of years & am looking forward to it...I think.  The blood test will determine if I can start on Copaxone or not.

It's going to be a nice, sunny, warm week.  I'm going to go to the Garden Center to pick up some flowers to plant.
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Well I go back to the Neuro tomorrow and my hubby is going with me and I plan on being real blunt and telling him LOTS of things and demanding lots of answers. So wish me luck. We just want to know what is going on and want some answers. Other than that I have a general appointment on Friday with my regular Dr. Just trying not to jump my guns about anything or get hopes up and be disappointed that it's still the same old thing.

~taking it one day at a time~
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Today, saw new rheumatologist.  Hmmm.

Tomorrow, PT, unless that's when Quix is free for lunch, then I'm rescheduling.  Lunch with a friend sounds a lot more therapeutic!

Waiting for a call to schedule appt. with my cardiologist to enlist his help in contradicting my MS neuro's theory that my brain lesions were caused by tiny strokes that caused my sx.   Cardiologist knows that my arrythmias were totally benign, I have no evidence of any ischemic insult; want it in writing.

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Monday & Thursday: Physical Therapy
Tuesday: Appt w/new Internal Medicine Dr.   This will be my first visit w/him and I am hoping he can arrange to have me seen by a Rheumatologist and Endocrinologist.

I hope you all have a great week.
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Neuro-pysch eval -Monday
PT - wednesday
PT and new rhematlogist -Friday

Call at some point to neuro re unrelenting leg pain.
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Oh, I'm not really questioning this expert at all.  I think the problem is either in the manner of explanation or in my challenged ability to comprehend the explanation.
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Waiting, on my end.  SuperMSneuro was out of town, but is supposed to call when he gets back to explain what his staff couldn't about how he's so sure my problem isn't MS.  General neuro to which  he referred me has yet to make contact.  Neuro-otologist to whom the ex-neuro (a.k.a. neuromaniac) referred me is waiting for me to call them back, if I think that's trail is worth following.

Wife has pre-op with bariatric surgery folks tomorrow; coincidentally that's in the building next to the MS Center that LauraLu visits, and where I was examined last Tuesday.

Our prayers have preceded you all in your challenges this week.  Be blessed.
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Monday acupuncture

Friday if they don't push it back again 1st ever LP end to three weeks of dreading
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Picking up first prescription of Betaferon.
Friday - meeting with MS nurse to learn how to self-inject.
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Continuing with Continence Behavioral and Physical Therapy on Thursday.

Hopefully having lunch with Kathy (Fluffysmom)

Looking for more snow tomorrow.

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