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Have been feeling unwell for about 8 wks. Fatigue is main complaint, all day, do not feel rested after waking, is more pronounced in afternoon and evening. Painful electrical sensations throughout body, muscle twitches as well (mostly on left side body). Weakness in muscles, difficulty walking and climbing stairs. Doc has noticed altered reflexes and weakness on left side. Dizziness & vertigo, feel off balanced (doc says I veer to the right), clumsiness, dropping things often throughout day. Fidgety and shaky at times (feels like Mexican jumping beans). Headaches, more pronounced in morning when I waken, with nausea. Also sporatic electrical-spasm on top of eyes and down side of face, lasts for few seconds. Blurry vision in left eye, like there's film that I need to blink away but can't. Bladder problems, increased urgency and multiple times, up 5-10 times in night. Itchiness, all throughout body (no signs rash). Blood work did not show any vitamin deficiency. Elevated ALT, and C-reactive protein (already knew my body was fighting something). MRI didn't show anything concrete. Minimal scattered foci of non-specific supratwntorialsupratentorial white matter signal abnormality. Multi-level degenerative changes in spine.Chronic paranasal sinus mucosal inflammatory changes (prob due to allergies/hay fever). Doc has referred to neurology, eye specialist and physiatrist for nerve tests. Main concern is neurology will take 5-6 months for app't even though doc has requested urgent visit. Wondering if anyone has similar symptoms with multiple sclerosis, or something else. Not sure how I can manage with these symptoms while waiting for specialist visits. Has severely affected my mood, crying often due to pain & fatigue. And have missed few days work. Any thought/suggestions most welcome.
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Please remember that you can be treated for pain, etc. by your pcp/gp while waiting for appointments.

Was vitamin D tested?  What about magnesium?  They aren't traditionally done in some areas -- but both have significant effects on neurological function.

All over symptoms like yours in one brief time period don't really suggest ms.  I would definitely seek a urology consult as well, because the bladder issues alone can cause sleep deprivation, and sleep deprivation can cause a lot of neurological havoc!  There are medications that you can help you with just bladder; likewise there is a pain medication that also reduces bladder frequency.

Additionally, I think a sleep study is in order.  Waking up fatigued is certainly an ms symptom, as well as other conditions; however it is also a sign of central and/or obstructive sleep apnea.  Even if you don't snore, this a pretty important test at this point.

Sleeping through the night may calm some symptoms and definitely improve your mood.  it will also help your doctors narrow down what is going on.

Best wishes, and being hit with something like this can really mess with your mental health.  It IS depressing and anxiety provoking.  it took me 8  months into the unknowns to finally see a counselor and I wish I'd started much sooner.  Having someone to talk to helps significantly.

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Hi and welcome,

What you've described happening over a short time frame of 8 weeks is too wide spread, a first/presenting MS attack wouldn't typically be consistent with what you've described, so i don't think a neurological condition like MS is your more likely explanation.

My alternative thought....Your blood results, nocturnal bladder changes, fidgety and shaky, Itchiness all throughout body, fatigue, muscle weakness, twiches/spasms, painful electrical sensations throughout body 24-7 travel to different parts of body, daily headaches, nausea, Dizziness, Numbness & tingling in arms & legs, vision etc is actually more suggestive to me of a bacterial infection spreading.

To explain, a bacterial infection could start off as a UTI but sometimes if  untreated or not treated promptly or correctly, it can cause the body to initiates a generalized inflammatory response, the bacteria spreads from the bladder and/or kidneys into the blood stream and once it starts travelling through out the body, symptoms spread and you can be feeling extremely ill...  

You are experiencing continually disrupted sleep from frequent bladder urination which wont be helping, and have multiple symptoms consistent with an infection, as well as a common sign of an infection/inflammatory process (Elevated ALT, and C-reactive protein).....i personally wouldn't be waiting for a neurological appointment 5-6 months away but would be asking my pcp for immediate help eg pain relief, further testing to identify infection and appropriate treatment etc

Hope that helps..........JJ

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