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Sensory Processing Disorder

i know that spd is identified in autism, but apparently it has recently been clinically linked to multiple sclerosis. described as a neurological traffic jam. trying to sort out the noise in a busy restaurant or party is overwhelming and exhausting, and i just want to withdraw to a dark and quiet place. when there is too much sensory information flooding in, i tend to shut down. does anyone else experience this
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The place to start is with a neurological exam. Any doctor can do one. It is reflexes, following the finger, etc. If it is abnormal the primary care can send you to a neurologist if it is normal it is not neurological. I do have trouble simply in stores with all the choices, people with shopping carts, etc. Even a parking lot can be hard for me. My issue is double vision and hearing loss with MS. I had a service dog who helped a lot. I had to retire her last year she was 14 years old.

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thanks for you comments. i liken to a computer - my processing speed, slow to begin with, slows even more when presented with too much information. and my hard drive fills up quickly, so that is like information just bounces off. mostly in situations with a lot of commotion or background noise, but even just talking with my doctor can get overwhelming. maybe someday there will be an external hard drive i can just plug in
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