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Someone here posted about being upset that she could no longer wear heels.  I felt super bad for her, but I just knew that would not happen to me. :)

Over the years I have cultivated a nice collection of shoes--many of which are heels 2' or higher.

Well, this is my first full week back with kids, so I am doing the school attire bit, and I went to wear heels this morning.

No dice, baby.

I could hardly walk without falling. I tried several pairs to make sure it was no fluke.
Oh well. It could be a lot worse. I should of have known, with the abnormal gait, and balance issues, that heels were a bad idea.
Maybe someday soon I will wear them.

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LOL the desire to be taller started when i was in primary school, I was always the smallest kid at school, lol i celebrated reaching 5ft. You know if your a shortie, everything you buy is always too long, so heels of every colour, hight and style are a staple for your wardrobe lol though i'm pretty sure that even with out the mobility issues, i wouldn't wear the sky scraper heels DD and her friends wear, ugg they are deadly.

In the last 3 years i've probably bought and disgarded more shoes than i care to think about, i didn't actually have any flat shoes except for beach thongs (flip flops) and a pair of runners lol what a pathetic fashion nutter I was. Its funny how your priorities change lol though i'm still trying to work out the shoe issue.

I too have got a (very formal family) wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, 2 dresses to choose from, both really need heels because one is the figure hugging sexier style and the other is classical feminine. They are pretty dressy and above the knee so look totally stupid with flats, no matter how fancy the flats are, it just doesn't work. DD bought me a stunning pair of black satin heels, and i really really want to wear them even if its for just for the service. So stupid really lol i can get one on but to balance to get the other on, sooooooo not happening and um haven't even tried walking in them yet, lol such a chicken.

I've found the heel type is big main issue, hight changes nothing for me, a thicker heel is more stable, wedges give a larger surface area so seem to help a bit, emphacising 'a bit', strapes help keep the shoe on but really all shoes are an issue for me. Have to admit my window of walking 'normally' is quite short now, even in bare feet so shoes are really more about my head space, feeling good about how i look, maybe silly but still true.

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I wish ankle straps would do the trick, but alas, they will not.

I am going to use this as a reason to buy some really nice, cute flats, or low heeled shoes. It is just that shoes like that never inspired me. :)

Lulu, lucky you, tall lady! I am 5'6, always wanted to be 5'10, thus the heels.

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Call me unusual, but I haven't owned a pair of heels for probably 25 years - I am  tall and have never felt the need to be taller or change the shape of my calves.  Now I wish I could wear some of these great shoes I see but know for me that's not realistic.  For all of you who can still wear them, take a lap or two of them for me, ok?
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Even with ankle straps I would fall over and break my foot most likely.  I am a brides maid in a wedding in December and I need to figure out what to wear instead of heels.

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Like Jane, I can also wear heels if they have ankle straps.  I don't wear anything over 2 1/2 inches anymore, but if they have good ankle straps or are boots I can wear them on good days.  Even if I wear flats, I do best if they are strapped on! LOL!  

Best wishes!
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That was me, Kara.  I have found that I can still do heels with ankle straps. Do you have a pair with ankle straps to try? I'll be hoping that works for you.

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To heels or not to heels that is the question! lol

I really dont need to wear heels to fall over, no shoes will do it just as easily, i'm a human string puppet lol string puppetry is an art form that i am still trying to master, i'm only in my third year of study :o) I have a theory to wearing heels, at least i can blame my shoes if i go down and i'll still look bl@@dy good whilst i'm checking out the cracks in the floor lol

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