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Starting another focuses of solumedrol tomorrow

Well, after my flare up in October I am in another flare and am starting another course tomorrow.

I am finding it difficult to understand why I am flaring up so much.

I know that everyone's ms is different and I am just annoyed.

At least this time I now what to expect.

I guess doesn't realize that Christmas is this week!
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After me going back and forth in my head about getting another steroid treatment about two hours after my first infusion today I was already feeling better.

I guess there is a reason to the steroid madness and for me...it works.

My fatigue is gone for now and I can move better Than i have in weeks.

Perfect timing because I was getting nervous about making it through Christmas.

I can handle the side effects because they far outweigh the symptoms I have been having.

Thanks for your support.
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Yup, hang in there - it's really difficult, especially when we're used to the doctor waving a wand and fixing things right away.  Heck, my appendectomy took no time at all!
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Thanks.  I have been taking copaxone for little over a week and it is the first DMD.  I think it needs time.  I am just having so much trouble with my mobility that it is making me feel like it will never get better.

I know that's just how I feel and is probably not reality.

He is on top of what is going on and i a, very confident in him which is great.

I read your other post about the tremors.  I have bad tremors when i am standing still. My right arm shakes and my whole body jerks.  Very annoying and embarrassing.

Thanks for all of your advice.  It really helps.
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I had three or four flares the year of my diagnosis, and two or three flares every year after that.  Finally things calmed down, and after five years I began to actually enjoy the remitting part of the relapsing-remitting.

It could have been the DMD that I was on.  I took it regularly every day, but it was hard to tell if it was helping.  Especially with the flares!

I would talk to your neurologist about the flares.  Having that many flares in a year indicates that perhaps the DMD isn't effective.  The neuro will want to give you another MRI to see how you're doing, and check for any new lesions.  If you have some, then maybe it's time to talk about another DMD.
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I am so sorry you are going through this - it is hard at anytime but during the holidays especially tough -  You are a tough woman - hang in there and we are here if you need us!  
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