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Strange warm/wet feeling??

Hi Everyone I have a quick kind of embarrassing question.... I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten a warm wet feeling on there legs? When this first started happening it felt like my three year old was splashing me with warm water but it has been getting worst. Now I keep checking myself to see if I spilt something or if my daughter went to the the bathroom on me or next to me. It was very bad in my lower back and back of thighs today I actually was scared I might have had an accident or something (but I didn't). Does this ever happen to anyone else?

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Krista- it happens to me all the time. My neuro.told me its  from nerve damage. Often I have wondered if I had an accident and didn't realize it.:)  Also get it on my head and face a lot.
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Yes, Krista.  There are quite a lot of us who have this phantom sensation.  It seems to particularly like our thighs and our head.  the raindrops down my scalp is the one that gets me reaching up to dry off all the time.

I would say you will get used to it, but you honestly won't.  It is too odd of a sensation to ignore.

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  I have gotten it for years.  Remember telling my gp years ago 6-7 + yrs ago and he dismissed it.  Only on lower leg, shin area. Not often. As far as odd sensations go not as bad as most.

  Any kind of odd sensations like that are nerve issues/damage from what I have been told.


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Yep, me too, odd water running down calf and also someone ruffling my hair on top, this last one was worse when trying to sleep or rest, very frustrating. The sensation won't let you rest and also is a constant reminder or your MonSter.

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yes, i get that too..and like cold water running down my leg too...it doesnt really bother me a lot.

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Add me to the club. I've had the warm wet feeling on my thighs, not my head. Like others, I had to check to make sure that I had not had an accident.

I also have in on the feet and lower legs, where it feels like water is dripping on me. This does bother me a bit, because with numbness and tingling, I don't always check things when I should. A few weeks back I was actually bleeding on my leg and thought it was just a nerve problem. That time, the wet feeling was real.


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Thanks for all the feedback guys! Now I don't feel so crazy. Does the wet feeling ever turn into like a very very warm sometimes burning feeling? All day my legs have felt SUPER hot and it won't go away.
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Oh yes! I had this on the right side of the back of my neck. It was a very sudden hot water feeling, it felt like someone was pouring hot water over the spot. Over a few days it changed to a cool water flowing under the skin feeling. It lasted a bit longer then 2 months! I'm hoping it does not come back....though it was less annoying then the buzzing/tingling feeling I had in my, ahem, butt for a few days last week LOL

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I first had it just in my legs, but now it has also moved to various other parts of the body i have now had this for at least ten years curious as to whether anyone else has had it this long?
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Yep me too!

Mainly on the legs. The have I wet myself feeling to a single drop of water feeling.

most strange.
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Count me in too, i have one wet spot on the inside of my left thigh, and i'm not use to it at all. Its one of those things that has me checking if i've wet my self, part of my brain knows i haven't but i just HAVE to check and it does feel like someone has splashed water on my leg.

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i recently consulted a neurologist had an MRI which showed i have fluid IN my spinal cord
there is two options operation or medication Ithink medication is the lesser of the two
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Felt like there was a cold safety-pin inside the seam of my pant leg.  A small sensation of cool wetness.  Made me wonder if a blood clot.  

Also, after 1 hour of walking dogs legs may tingle.  I'm 66 yr old female, excellent health, I thought, but yes - weirdness in odd sensations
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Yes! This was one of my first MS symptoms. It felt like heat going down my right leg.
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I get a strange feeling on my right foot as if I have stepped in water. I have to keep taking my sandle off to check it but it is always dry. Strange sensation! Have a super and happy day tomorrow all ...  :=)
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That was one of the first symptoms I had just before the big attack. At first I felt a burning sensation over my body including my legs. Then it felt like water being poured over it. I googled the symptom and came up with MS. I did not give it a second thought.

A few months later I woke up numb from my waist down.
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I have the warm or hot water feeling on my left foot too....not always but it comes and goes...
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I get these and primarily on the inside of my right thigh. Always feel as if water is running down but always dry upon checking. Asked my neuro about this but he did not respond with anything but a shrug. Now with Optic Nerve issues and a few other stark sx .... it's clear all nerve related.
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It is good to know I am not going crazy. I get this sensation too.   I just had an MRI as well as an EEG Monday and will know more details on Tuesday.

As I read through some of the posts here including this one, I am glad to know that I am not losing my mind. I feel like I am some days bc of the  for lack of a better word, symptoms.
Hi rosemommi, i realize this  is years later but did you ever find out what was causing that?  Did anything come back on the mri or eeg? Im curious as i am currently experiencing these same symptoms
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I often feel the experience of sensation of cold drop of water on skin. Firstly I used to think it is Dysesthesia or Paresthesia or any neurological problem I even thought it to vitamin B12 deficiency and took medicines but it didn't worked. But one day when I was reading a book in a completely dry room then suddenly I felt sensation of cold water drop on my hand and my eyes were telling there is nothing but I touch there with fingers and I could feel my fingers getting wet. I could feel some liquid there.
Then I thought it is something my own skin is producing so whenever I used to get those wet sensations I immediately used to touch their and could feel some liquid and my fingers getting wet.   So,in my case it is something that is produced by my skin which is yet to be discovered by doctors that what causes the those experience other than any neurological problem.
So I would tell you that whenever you get those wet sensation just don't just believe it to be anxiety disorder or any neurological problem try touching and rubbing there as soon as you get those experience because what I have felt that those drops are highly volatile in nature and if you touch there after sometime the evaporate and you won't feel anything.
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