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Sunshine and smiles! Hi to all my friends!!

Waving a HUGE HELLO!!! I had to come and say hi! I am doing so good... I wanted to come and say that I am enjoying feeling MUCH better! While I do have long lasting neurological effects from whatever it was that I had, I am going to enjoy life with a renewed understanding of those who have medical problems... I bought my first pair of cute heels the other day and put away my braces for good in a nice box in the back of the closet.... and my car has a smile on it just like my avatar!

Not too long ago I completed a fun ropes course with friends and made it across the wires and ropes and over the wall .....and I have my dream job ..... I just had to let you all know how much your support meant to me through all the rough times, built my self-confidence, and how thankful I was!!!!

I hope this forum continues to help others as they find diagnosis... and some day perhaps I will know what changed my life but for now I have the most awesome team of doctors and I am super thankful for all of them... and you all played a part in me finding them and putting them all together!

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Hey, Sunshine gal!  I'm so happy to hear you're doing so well!  Wearing heels, oh my goodness, and a ropes course?  Wow.

I'm glad that you stopped in to say hi and let us know what's up with you.  Do check in from time to time, please.  You know I got diagnosed, right?  Almost 6 months ago, now.

Your rays of sunshine also helped me and others through our tough times, you know; it works both ways.  

Wishing you a lifetimes of smiles and goodness.


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Yes, I did see that you were diagnosed... I am not opposed to lurking... and I am pleasantly happy that you found the answers you were looking for. I hope that you are as well.

I know- I like to live to the fullest so I suppose it shouldn't surpise you that I am wearing heals as I spent a good deal with physical therapy and lots of tears and blisters and full year + of wearing braces...

I hope to walk a 5k next year... but that is a dream right now but as the fairy godmother said in cinderella.. you have stop wishing and start dreaming and then make your dreams come true....

lots of laughs, love and laughter ....
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How great to hear from you!! And the news you bring is even better!!! From braces to heels is quite an accomplishment! I am so happy for you!

It sounds like life is wonderful just as it should be for someone who inspires and encourages everyone around them!!

So glad everything is going well, the dream job, the ropes course (I'm jealous) and the smile on your car. Very fitting for a very deserving young lady.

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Good news indeed!!!!! Thank you so much for coming back and updating us.

I hope this path continues for you. So glad you are happy with your team of Drs. Yay!!!!!

Be careful on those heels, Missy!!! Seriously, enjoy!!!!!

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Hey Sunny, I was just thinking of you last week but ran out of time and didn't write you that PM.  I suspected that you were lurking - you couldn't quite leave us while you get on with your life.  

May you continue to find new ways to express yourself and expand your horizons.  It sounds like you are doing wonderfully well.


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   So glad you are doing so well.
You sound so Happy through your words. The picture of you is Beautiful.
And....SHOEs!!!!  I LOVE shoes!  Girl you wear them and walk proud. I can't wait to hear when you go and buy another pair Lol    I want to see pictures.....i know,........ since I LOVE shoes so much....I'll just live through you wearing them (ha,ha)

   Are you still having seizures or did all that subside also?  You mentioned that you have your "Dream Job"...So what are you doing?
Again, I am so glad that you are living life like a young beautiful girl should be doing.

     Have fun, Be safe,
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Yeah, I'm another shoe freak, and my daughter inherited the gene, too!

Hey, sunny!  Glad you popped in!  I'm stoked you did a ropes course - wow!  

I'm still riding my bike.  It's easier to ride a bike than walk - go figure...

Keep up the good work.  I'm thinking good thoughts for your continued wellness.
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Strangely enough, I was thinking of and praying for you yesterday, too.  Very happy to hear from you, and that life is treating you well.  God bless.
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Hi there... nice to see an update and how you are doing.  I'm happy to hear your doing alright and hope it continues.

take care my friend
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GO- GIRL!!    Heels!!  thats  great!!    (even when i could wear them  id  fall on my face!)
   just  to awkward!  lol!      have a  great  life!!!
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I'm so glad to hear you're doing better, honey!
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oh, hi there and big ((((hugs))))) to all of you! I didn't realize how wonderful it was to hear from you all until you had each posted... I am rather busy, so I am sorry for the delayed response!

Guitar_grrrl- keep riding bike, I'm sure it's good for you and while I never feel comfortable on one, i feel like i'm about to tip over, i'm sure you feel happy there!

Tonya and all of my friends here - I do still have seizures, but they are now under control so i am having much fewer that before and thus have much better concentration and I know they only occur more so if I miss my medication or do not get enough sleep... only rarely do I have on that is not explained and even so, I will have an aura- only once have I just passed out suddenly and hit my head and now I seem to understand that is blood pressure related. I also struggle with a lot of other health problems, and with my legs so much better right now......... I choose to not worry about health matters and instead, focus on things I can change.... and I love to live life to the fullest. I do understand that I could get worse, but I at the same time want to enjoy the best that I am?

Love to all...
remember to smile

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